From $200 to $100k poker challenge: April results

stuff poker marathon​We continue to update our readers with the results of the poker marathon that was started in late January on the 2+2 forum. The player under the stuff screen name started the challenge and he intends to turn $200 into $100K by playing poker.

There haven’t been many posts from stuff since the guy had a lot of work and was busy outside of poker for the past few weeks. He mostly played on BetOnline (his nickname is newbalance) since the game is smooth there. In addition, our hero really enjoys playing in this poker room. The player also grinded on Bovada from time to time and took part in some live events at the local card rooms.

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First week of April turned out to be break-even for stuff. Next he lost around $400 but soon playing went well and the guy managed to increase his bankroll.

Since starting the challenge with $200, stuff’s bankroll is now ~ $5 000 on BetOnline, ~ $1500 on Bovada and ~ $500 in live poker. The player continues to show great results at the game table.

Player’s graphs in early April

stuff poker challenge

Player's graphs in late April

stuff poker marathon 2019

Further plans

The player intends to continue to play online and take shots in live tournaments. He also wants to get to Las Vegas and play in the Big 50 Event in June and has even already booked a flight.

We will monitor stuff's success in the marathon to keep you informed about the player's ups and downs.

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