From 50$ to 1 BITCOIN Challenge Session#3 = Bankroll quintupled!

Fire's up! Five up! 5x!

Was a nice result into a 16.5$ Ticket event, and after this shoot i tried some cash tables:

156.6$ into one event! 3x ! Deserved to play some satellites!

After this i tried some cash (with a nice result at the beginning, but after all in a big minus...

I will never play again with this player!

 Feelings:As you can see, i forced a little bit on cash tables because i've met a lot of "lascive" players. With a huge win, i was surprised, but it's not so eas....One player was only tilt and destroyed his bankroll..sometimes players cannot control themself. i paid back more than 100$....was a mistake into i stopped at the time! Even if i've lost on cash, the global bankroll is still safe.

PS: After the bitcoin value was extra-increased, most of the players redeposited some passive profits into poker rooms for a little fun moments in these holidays. Huge privilege to make some extracash!

Bankroll: 255$ + 16.5$ Ticket.

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Vetal Guru

156.6$ - excellent result

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