From Concept to Reality: Game of Gold's Journey and Upcoming Season 2 Plans

GGPoker's Game of Gold creation and plans

The first season of the poker show Game of Gold has not even reached its equator yet, but it has already become one of the main events of the year. The show has become very popular among poker fans and casual viewers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the producers have already announced plans for the second season. Some details of how the idea of such a show came about and how the participants of the first season were selected also became known.

History of Game Of Gold's Creation

On November 21, creative director of GGPoker, producer and director of Game of Gold Spunky Hwang gave an interview in which he shared the details of the shooting of the show.

According to him, the idea for this project came from GGPoker's desire to present a product in which well-known players from the past will be presented in a new world together with popular young talents and grinders. It was assumed that due to the composition of the show, each of the viewers will get a hero with whom he/she can associate oneself on a very deep level.

When choosing the participants, the creators wanted to bring together and mix the following:

  • Several generations of players with different backgrounds;
  • Online and offline players;
  • Cash pros and tournament players;
  • High-stakes regulars and mid-limit players.

They started selecting candidates and interviewing potential participants at WSOP 2022. In total, about 50 people passed through the examination team. At the same time, the final 16 participants were not told any details of the game before the start of filming, except what the main prize would be.

All episodes of the first season were filmed in South Korea, where a special studio was built from scratch for these purposes. Here's how Hwang explained the decision:

"I'm Korean myself and have experience shooting this kind of content, as local reality shows are a very popular product in our country. This allowed me to prepare well for shooting the project, to understand in advance what and how we will do. As a result, we invited the players to Seoul, assembled a studio together, placed about 80-100 cameras in it wherever it was possible and necessary, and without further problems began to shoot."

Plans for Game of Gold's Second Season

As Spunky Hwang noted, during the filming and airing of the first season, the team learned many invaluable lessons, not only in the organization of the show with the participation of poker players, but also in how the final product is perceived by the audience.

In particular, the creators of Game of Gold realized how far they can go with the participants of the show, so next season they plan to stimulate them even more by various methods.

However, a decision has not yet been made about the cast, filming time and show dates of the second season. Perhaps someone from the first season will move to the second, or among the participants there will be non-professional players from among pop culture celebrities or influencers. At the same time, the producers already have in mind one "dream participant" from this category – and in the near future they plan to offer him or her participation, devoting into the necessary details. The identity of this person is kept secret.

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