From Zero to Hero 2.0 #2

Hello everybody;)

We had a wonderful day 1, we won 3 out of 3 bets.


I am especially glad for the victory from Natus Vincere, they brought us a victory with a very good odds.

But the game was very equal, due to the replacement from Navi on the first map, which did not justify itself


Vitality dealt with the mousesports team without any problems with a score of 2-0.


And Dynamo beat their rivals with a score of 1-0, not as confidently as we would like, but happy for them, and for their reaching the 1/16 finals of the Europa League.


  • Bets: 3
  • Wins: 3
  • Lose: 0
  • Average odds: 2.05

Predictions for 10.12

I managed to find some interesting bets for today, let's start with esports.


The first match for today is a confrontation between not such strong teams as last time, but here you can safely bet on the fact that Lilmix will take at least 1 map, they are very underestimated in this match. Yesterday they just lacked discipline.

Prediction: Handicap Lilmix +1.5 (Lilmix will take at least 1 map)

Bet size: med


But in the second match for today, we will see a confrontation between the 2 strongest players in the world Zywoo vs S1mple, last time Natus Vincere lost it offensively, but made conclusions, and this time they are quite capable of taking revenge

Prediction: Natus Vincere win

Bet size: low-med

And today I will bet on football again, I think Zorya today will impose a fight on his rivals, and we will see a close score, so I bet with a positive handicap +1 on Zorya. Thats mean, we will add 1 goal to final result.

My bets for today


I want to thank everyone for the support under the first post, this was my best rated post on this site.

Can we break the record this time, and get at least 15?)

Good luck;)

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Vetal Guru

I missed the start of the Dynamo game and made a bet during the break. odds 2.5

I bet with a positive handicap +1 on Zorya

Me like this choice.

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2.5 is better)

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