From Zero to Hero 2.0 #4

Hello everybody;)

Has been very busy in the last few days, so the post is only released today.

Last time, we won only one bet out of two, but if you follow my recommendations, we did not lose anything. Wisla Krakow showed a terrible game, and K23, as expected, won their match.


  • Bets: 8
  • Wins: 5
  • Lose: 3
  • Average odds: 2.0

We continue to go well, I hope to be able to maintain at least such a win rate until the new year.

Predictions for 17.12

Today we will be betting on a very interesting tournament IEM Global Challenge 2020. It brings together the best teams in the world, and in addition to winning bets, you can also get aesthetic pleasure when watching matches.


In the first match, teams Furia and Heroic will play for elimination. Both teams are now showing a bad game, but I see a very good potential in the Heroic team, I think they will soon be able to improve the game and return themselves to the list of favorites of the tournament. And Furia show such a terrible game that I don't even understand how they used to beat anyone at all.

Prediction: Heroic win

Koef: 2.0

Bet size: med


And in the second match, one of the favorites of the tournament, the Natus Vincere team, will play against Liquid, who showed a good game in the first match. I want to say right away that these teams have not played for a long time, but for me it is obvious that in this match, Na'vi will not have an easy walk. I recommend that you bet that all 3 maps will be played.

Prediction: Total maps Over 2.5

Koef: 1.9

Bet size: med

That's all, I hope the teams will not let us down, and we will look at the beautiful game and our victories.

Good luck;)

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