From Zero to Hero 2.0 #5


As you can imagine, we lost 2 out of 2 bets yesterday. But these are bets, here even more often than in poker, we can get into variance and lose quite a lot of bets in a row. But you need not despair, but try to make good bets.

It was especially offensive for the match with Na'vi, where they just miraculously won the first map


  • Bets: 10
  • Wins: 5
  • Lose: 5
  • Average odds: 2.05

Predictions for 18.12

Today we will bet on 2 matches of the IEM tournament again.


In the first match 2 very strong teams will meet. Vitality and Astralis are in good shape now, and the last 3 matches of these teams were interesting until the last round. Therefore, we will bet that all 3 maps will be played.

Prediction: Total maps Over 2.5

Koef: 1.85

Bet size: med


And in the second match, two American teams will meet, and here they clearly underestimate the Liquid team, play well, at least against the European teams. I will place 2 bets on this match at once. One average bet for Liquid to win, and the other that they will win 2-0

Prediction: Liquid win

Koef: 2.25

Bet size: med


Prediction: Liquid win 2-0

Koef: 3.9

Bet size: low

That's all for today, good luck;)

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