From Zero to Hero 2.0 #7

Hello everybody;)

The last 3 predictions were not won, but there is no need to be upset, these are bets, and 2 matches were pretty close to victory.

Today we will win, the last time, when I promised so, it was 3 out of 3, I hope this time will also be 100% winrate;)


  • Bets: 16
  • Wins: 8
  • Lose: 8
  • Average odds: 2.25

By the way, the average odds I write referring only to winning bets.

Predictions for 21.12

The season is over, so one match will be played today and the second will be tomorrow morning EET.

In the first match, two teams will play, which have gained a very good shape, and in my opinion, they are now equal in strength, and they play different cards. My prediction that all 3 maps will be played in the match.

Prediction: Total maps Over 2.5

Koef: 1.85

Bet size: med

And in the second match we will see the opposition of the Sinners team, which is now destroying everyone, against Nexus, who lost 3 matches in the Romanian Championship, to very weak teams (but shhhh;) Here you can definitely bet on Sinners to win with a score of 2-0, they won the last meeting against Nexus, although then they had a weaker lineup.

Prediction: Sinners win 2-0

Koef: 2.2

Bet size: med

That's all, good luck;)

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Vetal Expert

The last 3 predictions were not won

I had this last month

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