Galfond's Challenge: the first battle will be held on 22nd January

Phil Galfond 2020

Late last year, Run It Once Poker owner Phil Galfond challenged high rollers for a heads-up battle. Many poker players responded positively to his challenge. However, Galfond accepted only six heads-up battles.

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The first fight will be held on January 22. It is not known yet who is to become Phil's first rival. Here is information on all heads-up battles that will be held as part of the Galfond’s Challenge:

  • Galfond vs Perkins. The millionaire Bill Perkins and Galfond must play at least 50 000 hands (in profit) at high stakes: from $100 / $200 up to $300 / $600 PLO. The game will stop if one of the poker players loses more than $400 000. If Perkins wins, Galfond will pay him $800 000. Otherwise, Phil is expected to get a payout of $200 000.
  • Galfond vs Kornuth. The winner of two gold bracelets, Chance Kornuth, and Phil Galfond are to play a minimum of 25 000 hands. The game will be conducted in PLO at €100 / €200 limits. If Kornuth is able to win, then he will receive €1 000 000. Phil will get €250 000 for the victory.
  • Galfond vs "Venividi1993". With the poker player known under the "Venividi1993" nickname, Phil will also play 25 000 hands (PLO) at the limits of €100 / €200. If "Venividi1993" happens to be the winner, he will be given €150 000. Otherwise, Galfond will take €100 000.
  • Galfond vs "ActionFreak". As for the player performing under the pseudonym "ActionFreak", the guys are to fight in a minimum of 15 000 hands (PLO) on limits €150 / €300. The winner of the heads-up will receive €150 000.
  • Galfond vs Cates. Famous high roller Daniel Cates and Galfond will battle at the poker table under special conditions: 7 500 hands at €100 / €200 limits. The game format is PLO.
  • Galfond vs Adams. Another Phil’s rival is the former Full Tilt Pro Brandon Adams. The players will play within 40 hours. Limits: $100 / $200. If Adams wins the heads-up, then he will take €150 000. In the contrary case, Galfond will receive €100 000.

Galfond’s challenge has its own hashtag on Twitter #GalfondChallenge. Using the hashtag, everyone interested is able to find out news pertaining to this challenge. Also, we have a storyline related to the Galfond Challenge on our website, where we collect all the materials on this topic.

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