GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge in January with a prize pool of $1 000 (Season 9)

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Hello everybody! Firstly, we congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year holidays!

In this article we will sum up the results of 2020 and discuss future plans. And of course we are announcing the new Season 9 of the GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge in January! This is your super opportunity to start this 2021 year in a cool way - to get into the ranking of the best bloggers and earn some good prize money.

GambleTalk in 2020

2020 year at Cardmates was marked by GambleTalk. We launched the GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge here, and for 8 successful seasons in a row, the best bloggers have received great prizes for their work.

The most popular blogger in the history of GambleTalk 2020 is worth mentioning separately: Maroonfish. He managed to occupy the first line in the leaderboard 3 times.

Now let's move on to the main figures for this year:

  • 794 blog posts were written during the year 2020
  • During the year 35 bloggers from different countries took part in the competition
  • Total points that were given in rating: 3 421

And here you can see the top-5 posts of the year by rating:

  1. Birthday + Poker offline
  2. In turbo game mode #2
  3. Post №59 Football. Betting 2 games
  5. Going the extra mile - Advanced Pre flop strategy

We are confident that these figures will grow even more over the next year, as the site is constantly growing and developing. Our team is working on changing the GambleTalk format and new updates are coming soon. It will be a radically new format and we expect everyone to like it.

Future plans

GambleTalk sets itself only ambitious goals and in the future we have many peaks that we must reach. We also want this to be not just a platform for bloggers (where you can make good money), but also a whole community of like-minded people who feel at home here.

Your feedback is very important to us, so we are gladly open to suggestions for the work of GambleTalk. We have already implemented some of them and are grateful for the feedback, which has borne fruit.

You need to understand that the main characters of GambleTalk are bloggers, that is, you. You create content, you fill this platform with life, and we, for our part, create comfortable conditions for existence in this Cardmates Nation.

New season in January

A total of $1 000 is sent every month to the top bloggers here on our English version of Cardmates. If you like reading news and articles about poker and gambling, then try taking part in our blogging contest – and you will get the opportunity to win money for a starting bankroll for the game.

Therefore, we do not think to stop and now we are happy to announce that the 9th season of the GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge starts on January 1. Season 8 was held with an innovation in the scoring system: the winner was determined by his/her 20 best posts, which scored the most points. We will continue with this system in January. Thus, a blogger who wrote 20 posts and a blogger who wrote 30 posts can score roughly the same number of points. You will have a better chance of winning if you focus on quality over quantity. At the same time, do not be tied to the number 20: you can write both 15 posts and 30. In the first case, 15 posts will be counted without any restrictions, and in the second case of your 30 posts, the top 20 that scored the most points will be counted.

Now you will have the opportunity to sometimes take a break from writing a blog, because not everyone can write posts all month without missing a single day. Each person determines the number of posts that he/she will write in a month. It is worth noting that, as before, absolutely all posts will affect the aura.

In the new season, we expect from you many interesting posts, discussions and, of course, screenshots of your large winnings. Keep writing your personal blog, communicate with like-minded people, and at the end of the month, get a cash prize for it. Happy race to everyone!

How to take part in the GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge?

It is time to announce the new season of the competition at GambleTalk, which starts on January 1, 2020. The results of the previous season (December) are already known and the winners will get their prizes soon.

This is the ninth season of our blogging competition. We have successfully completed the previous eight seasons and the site has many exciting posts about the world of gambling thanks to you.

The 10 best GambleTalk bloggers who will please us with interesting posts and stories will share a prize pool of $1 000. The best author in January will receive $500.

Prizes are awarded not by bonuses or tickets, but by the real money to an electronic wallet (preferably Skrill).

GambleTalk is not only about poker. Here you can write about everything related to gambling: poker, slots, roulette, sports betting, bingo, lottery.

Regular readers and bloggers of our site know the rules of the GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge at Cardmates. For beginners, we will explain everything now.

The rules for participating in the competition are not complicated:

  1. Start writing your blog on GambleTalk. Or if you already write there, just continue to do it.
  2. Write interesting and fascinating posts about gambling on poker, casinos, sport bets, etc. Share your stories, results, plans and dreams. Tell us about your own experience or the experience of your friends. Use pictures, videos and, of course, your boundless imagination.
  3. Do not break the community rules, increase your aura, earn new statuses and get points in the bloggers rating thanks to your blog posts throughout January.

That's all, according to the results of the month, the top 10 authors will receive cash prizes from 20 to 500 dollars.


  • 1st place – $500
  • 2nd place – $200
  • 3rd place – $100
  • 4-5 places – $50
  • 6-10 places – $20

For beginners, we recommend reading more detailed rules of the competition, which remain the same (with new dates of 01-31 January 2021).

Statuses on the site allow you to participate in contests, receive bonuses from Cardmates and serve as your reputation in the community.

Read more about Cardmates statuses and aura.

How winners are determined

The winners of the contest are determined by the readers of the site, rating the read posts. Therefore, it all depends on you and the reaction of the poker community to your blog.

Since the beginning of September, we have a new rule on our site, according to which blogs can only be given positive points. This rule remains in effect in January.

In December, an important rule appeared that determines the winner of the blogger competition. The scoring table takes into account the points for the top 20 posts (posts that scored the most points). If you wrote 30 posts in a month, then only the top 20 posts will be counted, and the rest 10 will not be counted.

You can follow the GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge ranking in January on the Cardmates homepage. Only the blog rating earned in January is counted as a competition (note that we use UTC time when defining the results).

Upgrade your aura with blogs, comments, and other activities on Cardmates. When you increase your aura, you promote your status on the site, and with it the ability to put and get higher points. But do not forget that other readers and writers of the site evaluate you, so your aura can either go up from high-quality content, interesting stories and witty jokes, or go into a deep minus due to spam and rudeness.

Read also: 3 effective ways to quickly increase aura on Cardmates

Note that we pay special attention to the quality of posts and we will "fight" with posts that are written ignorantly and without effort. An important requirement is the uniqueness of posts and competent language.

The names of the best GambleTalk Bloggers Challenge bloggers for December are already known, and we will send them honestly earned cash rewards soon.

1st day of January is the first day of 2021 and this is a new contest start in which any of you can win. If you do not have an account on Cardmates, it's time to change it and start writing! Remember, that even if you decide to break into the bloggers race in the middle of the month, you will have good chances to earn some nice money for your posts. 

Start writing your blog in January, and from February 1 to February 5, you will receive an excellent reward for your work: readers recognition and cash prizes. Good luck to all!

Important: I personally read every post and follow every member of the competition. If you have any questions/remarks/comments/requests, please write to me in private messages. I will gladly answer everyone!

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Thank you very much for the mention - you didn’t have to, but it’s very much appreciated.  This competition has been an amazing thing to take part in 2020.  Happy 2021 everyone!

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Ukraine Vetal Guru

Now let's move on to the main figures for this year:

794 blog posts were written during the year 2020

During the year 35 bloggers from different countries took part in the competition

Total points that were given in rating: 3 421

And here you can see the top-5 posts of the year by rating:

Birthday + Poker offline

In turbo game mode#2

Post №59 Football. Betting 2 games


Going the extra mile - Advanced Pre flop strategy

Excellent figures.

Hello everybody! Firstly, we congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year holidays!

Thank you. Happy New Years to the cardmates team.

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Thank you. we will definitely write interesting posts!

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