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    Whatever you do, you must follow the rules. Poker is no exception. disputes about what poker is: is it just a gambling, a kind of sport, is there sports poker and non-sports poker, where is the border between these concepts, etc.

Psychologically, poker is a very gamble.

Question: how do you feel about poker, how does it affect your life?

     business also has a considerable element of excitement, you take risks and expect to “win” that is. make a profit. So, success both in business and in poker depends on how soberly you assess your chances, whether you have patience, whether you analyze your actions, and there is an element of luck both in business and, naturally, in poker. In other words, almost everything is in your hands, and if you make gross mistakes, poker is not to blame for this, all claims to yourself.

This article is about - gambling addiction.

 pathological addiction to gambling consists in frequent repeated episodes of participation in gambling, which dominate in a person's life and lead to a decrease in social, professional, material and family values. The gambler also has a reduced ability to control his own impulses, that is, he cannot fully resist the inner desire to win and the gambler significantly overestimates his chances of winning.

Below is a story that somehow reminds us of gambling addiction and is not devoid of humor.

A story from life ...

specially for cardmates readers !

My friend's " FreeQ5Z "  story.

  " A couple of years ago, I ran out of money and went to a local poker club to play a tournament. To get the buy-in, I sold my Playstation for € 100. I went to the club, but it turned out that the buy-in today is not 50 + 10, but 100 + 10, so I need another 10 euros.

only 10 euros I thought))

  in the same club on the ground floor there was a casino .... I went to a table with a roulette wheel. put 10 on red ... black played. another 30 euros on red ... and black fell again. I can't be stopped and 60 euros on red! and guess what ?!

dropped out zero - and this is green !!!!!!!

Gone home."


The most important thing is that the game brings you real pleasure, and not an addiction in the bad sense of the word. So, good luck to all gambling addicts!


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