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Game analysis, part 2, the last)

Today I sat and worked on the game, or rather on the results of the game for this month, I thought that I would find errors, but alas, I did not find anything 😏 I wrote to U in the last post that I know that I play well, and it so happened that I saw in my analysis only coolers and runner runners in favor of weak players, this happens and apparently it happened 2 me. I'm a little hurt, but there's nothing I can do about it) I started taking screenshots for the post and realized that these preflop all-ins and postflops U have already seen in my posts, and I did not want 2 repeat myself) So we'll do without them)

I only looked at the results of the game in the late stage of MTT's, and I became a little interested, the winrate was much lower than the main one, and I began 2 understand...😑 All the hands with which I lost the most chips were preflop all-ins, somewhere my hand was stronger, and somewhere weaker, in the end, with this stack size, these decisions were easy for me, and most likely they were right, but I lost. But this is poker)

I also turned my attention 2 my cold-call game) And it was, like, crazy 😏 I lose too many chips with this style of play, I should give it up completely, even if I just dropped my cards, I would save good values for winrate, probably so) A friend told me about it, and he helped me a little with the analysis) And I remembered those two hands where I thought I had played the right and was just unlucky, but really, I needed 2 go all-in on the preflop, not called) Then I would have played better, and perhaps such a result would not have been) Let's remember these hands:

Not my best game, right?) Therefore, I will raise my opponents bets more often on the preflop) In general, there were few mistakes, most likely there are not many hands, I need 2 look for some deviations from the game at a good distance, at least in 100k hands) and this analysis will not be very useful) only I once again be confident in my game 😜 lol)

I want 2 write today about something else, namely, my friend lent me some money for the game, he wants me 2 try cash games, starting with the low limit, NL2 😎 for my part, of course, I was interested, and I agreed) Moreover, he said that at this limit, it is not particularly worth playing a smart game, just play ABC poker) And if everything goes well, so I will stay in this game until the end of this month, and if my profit and winrate is positive, then I will think about continuing 2 engage in this type of game) yep)

Today, maybe I will play 2-3 tournaments, I can't write exactly, it all depends on my mood) But tomorrow I will definitely start playing at cash tables) I will open 4 tables at a time, I heard this is the maximum on PokerStars) Okay) I'll finish writing) With a very strange analysis, we probably figured out, tomorrow we will start studying cash games) hah) What a versatile player I am) I don't know what I want, fck! 😐

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the only thing I hate about cash - I always want to play tourneys! I belive, that if I sticked to only cash games, I'd be now at NL25 minimum, but now I'm still strugling between NL2 and NL5

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