Game Strategy on PokerStars

game strategy on pokerstars

​Learning poker strategy basics is the main goal for a player who just starts his poker path. It is important to understand that the game strategy on PokerStars doesn’t differ tactically from any other room despite the complaints about RNG and recreational players’ failures.

But still, there are certain differences that are related to the special features of the poker room.

Cash Game Strategy on PokerStars

It is important to note that the poker strategy for cash games here is not significantly different from other rooms. ABC poker still works at micro-limits and it is still possible to remain a winning player with the help of it, but only at micro-limits. The player’s pools at medium and high limits are the most difficult on the Internet, and if you also take into account that PokerStars cut their bonus program with all its strength, it becomes clear that playing here is not profitable for beginners or usual medium regulars. We play poker in order to earn money and it is foolish to lose an opportunity to earn more only because you get accustomed to the Stars software.

Game Strategy in PokerStars Tournaments

Playing tourneys on PokerStars is a challenge for beginners. It is related to the large AFS (average field size); besides, tournament poker strategy has its nuances. Yes, participating in an event where you can potentially win a thousand or tens of thousands of dollars and where buy-in is equal to several dollars, intrigues. But the reality is severe, and you will finish most of these tournaments at the stage of the minimum payments. For a beginner, who has chosen MTT as their discipline, it is tactically and strategically important to feel confident in their abilities and feel the desire to continue the game. This can be achieved only if you manage to reach the final tables and take solid prizes. It will be extremely difficult to do this in PokerStars tournaments. But if you are not ready to look for rooms where MTT fields are smaller yet, we recommend you play the following:

  • Morning tournaments from 6 am to 1 pm (their fields are rarely more than 1000 people);
  • MTSNG (multi-table SNG tournaments) for 45-180 people.

The size of the field will allow you to often feel intrigue and excitement due to reaching the final table and it will also allow you to increase your poker bankroll quickly.

We hope that this information will help you to become a winning player and to maximize your profit on PokerStars.

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