Garrett Adelstein Returns to Poker a Year After the Robbi Lew Scandal

Garrett Adelstein returns to high stakes poker

​Earlier, Garrett Adelstein's name appeared frequently in the poker media. He was called a legend of high-stakes cash games, and the popular channel Hustler Casino Live often invited the poker player to its streams. It all ended after the high-profile scandal with Robbi Lew – at the end of September it was a year since Adelstein left "big poker".

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If one of the biggest scandals of the past year could be summed up in one sentence, it would be: "Robbi Lew made a bad call with J-high, but was able to win a huge pot". After this situation at the HCL show, the investigation continued for another two months, and Garrett Adelstein still remains convinced that he lost $135,000 due to fraud.

The poker player did not calm down even after Robbi passed the lie detector and returned all the money to him, despite the fact that she was proven innocent. Garrett took offense at the whole world and disappeared from the radar.

And now, more than a year after the scandal, Adelstein decided to return to poker again. He announced this on his page on the social network X.

It is still unclear where the poker player is going to return. Garrett refused to return Robbi's money (even though she was found to be innocent) and fell out with the Hustler Casino Live producers, who effectively gave him a "pass to life". Other popular poker shows are also in no hurry to invite the infamous Adelstein to them.

Regardless, many fans of the HCL streams commented that it would be nice to see Garrett and Robbi at the same table again. Who knows what kind of show they might put on this time.

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