GGNetwork to reduce the maximum number of cash tables

GGNetwork 2019

At the end of August, PokerStars dramatically reduced the maximum number of tables from 24 to 4. This news discomposed the poker community, but much more exciting is that the Stars aren't the only innovators in this regard.

Recently it became known that GGNetwork is going to limit the maximum number of cash tables to 4. Starting from October 1, players of the GGNetwork network poker rooms will not be able to open more than 4 tables simultaneously. This restriction doesn’t apply to tournaments, but will cover all types of cash games.

The GG Network innovation is even more radical than at Stars. PokerStars left the opportunity to multi-table at the Zoom poker tables, while games of a similar nature called Rush & Cash in the GGNetwork came under the restriction.

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The head of the network, Jean-Christophe Antoine, said that the selected limit reflects the dynamics are now observed on the mobile platform. He also believes that the restriction on multi-tabling will make the dynamics less robot-assisted.

Many poker professionals have made their careers on multi-tabling. Randy Lew recalls that his tactics playing individual tables weren’t optimal, and playing many tables at once helped to achieve a high winrate.

For him, HUD is a standard tool that helps make decisions. Poker rooms have a completely different opinion - they are against the fact regulars playing many tables at a time. The restriction on multi-tabling is becoming a trend, and it is quite possible that in the near future, it will be applied to most poker rooms.

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