GGPoker Banned a User with $30,000 in Account for Exploiting a PC Client

Superuser scandal on GGPoker

The poker room GGPoker has released a loud statement that the player with the nickname "Moneytaker69" has been banned and the winnings he obtained through dishonest means have been confiscated. The amount was almost $30,000.

The reason for this decision was the suspicion that "Moneytaker69" was using an exploit of a GGPoker PC client. The first suspicions of foul play on the part of this user arose after studying his statistics:

Moneytaker69's winrate for the month of December was 90bb/100 in a sample of 8,900 hands. VPIP is 53, PFR is 17.

Also in December, "Moneytaker69" won a $150 buy-in Sunday MTT for $47,586 in prize money using an extremely volatile strategy that raised many suspicions. As it turned out, the suspicions were well-founded. GGPoker's investigation revealed that "Moneytaker69" used a special exploit that allowed him to take advantage of a client-side vulnerability by reverse-engineering and modifying the site's Windows desktop client to intercept and modify certain game-related data packets being sent between players and room's game servers.

Although this exploit did not allow him to see the hole cards of all opponents, it made it possible to determine an all-in equity in any particular hand, indirectly knowing the chances of winning.

Interestingly, the room's security team discovered this vulnerability and updated the client on December 16, but because "Moneytaker69" refused to update the app he already had installed, he was able to continue using the loophole.

Eventually, GGPoker banned "Moneytaker69" and took all the money from his account. But many users believe that this is only half of the money that this user actually won during his scam.

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