GGPoker offers Honeymoon for new players

GGPoker 2020 Honeymoon

The popular poker room GGPoker prepared a great offer for all newcomers. There is no necessary deposit requirement – you just complete special tasks during one month period. And for it every player can get generous prizes up to 300 dollars (cash or tickets to tournaments).

How to participate?

The requirement is simple – a player needs to download and install the GGPoker client on a PC or mobile device. Then there is a procedure of registration the account. Next step: a player has 3 days from the moment of first log in to the account to confirm participation in the promotion.

It is important that you need to register yourself (opt-in in the promo) within first 3 days, otherwise the promotion will not be available and you will lose the chance to get your prizes.

To participate in the promotion, click on the "HONEYMOON" pop-up icon and press "Start Honeymoon". Then a menu will appear in which you can see your missions and history.

GGPoker 2020 Honeymoon

You will receive one simple mission (task) each day during the next 30 days. Nothing too difficult, examples of missions: play 50 hands in Omaha.

In this table there are prizes for successfully completed missions:

Missions completedReward
31 Ticket to Omaholic $1
71 Ticket to T$ Builder $4

Total rewards value: $300.

«Honeymoon» missions

  1. Play 50 hands in Hold'em.
  2. Play 50 hands in Omaha.
  3. Play 70 hands in AoF.
  4. Show your cards after the opponent folds (on any street) in Hold'em.
  5. Get all-in insurance in Hold'em or Omaha.
  6. Post straddle in Hold'em.
  7. Play 100 hands in Rush & Cash.
  8. Show your cards after the opponent folds in Omaha.
  9. Take part in Bounty Hunters or Omaholic Bounty (tournaments).
  10. Get A-A in Rush & Cash.
  11. Go all-in blind.
  12. Buy all-in insurance and lose this all-in (in Omaha).
  13. Take part in the Daily Guarantees tournament.
  14. Win the main pot with a full house in Hold'em.
  15. Buy a 10% share from one player (at least) in any tournament.
  16. Play 200 hands in Rush & Cash.
  17. Win a pot with a flush in AoF.
  18. Get A-A in Hold'em.
  19. Play 300 hands in AoF.
  20. Reach the final table in the Daily Exchange or Bounty Hunters tournaments (at least 50 people must be registered).
  21. Play 300 hands in Hold'em.
  22. Enter the prize zone in the Daily Exchange or Bounty Hunters (tournaments).
  23. Win a pot with four of a kind in Omaha.
  24. Play 300 hands in Omaha.
  25. Play 500 hands in AoF.
  26. Take the 1st place in the Bounty Hunters tournament.
  27. Play 500 hands in Rush & Cash.
  28. Beat jacks and win the pot in AoF.
  29. Take the 1st place in the Daily Red tournament.
  30. Hit the AoF jackpot.

Important conditions

  • Tournament tickets received as prizes will be valid only for 1 week.
  • Satellite events do not count in missions completion.
  • Rewards will be instantly credited to the player's account.
  • Promotion "Honeymoon for newcomers" is available only once, you cannot re-participate.

Register in the GGPoker room right now and proceed with the first mission. Also note that you will be able to get a generous bonus on the first deposit (up to $600).

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RauchenwaldC user
User's aura RauchenwaldC 25

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, that list is not accurate. I'm currently on mission #26 and the following missions were not part of my first 25 missions:

  • Enter the prize zone in the Daily Exchange or Bounty Hunters (tournaments).
  • Buy a 10% share from one player (at least) in any tournament.

Also, some of the other missions were at least slightly different if I recall it right. For example, instead of posting a straddle, the mission I had was to go all-in blind (which can only be done with a straddle).

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