GGPoker postponed two WSOP tournaments due to a bug

GGPoker 2020

WSOP Online series proceeded to international level and it started in the poker rooms of GGNetwork. Yesterday, on 19 July, three events were held as part of WSOP Online. However, only one player was awarded the cherished gold bracelet, because the other two tournaments had to be suspended.

Yesterday evening, the technical failure took place at GGPoker. As a result, two WSOP Online events had to be postponed until the next Sunday. It's about Every 1 for Covid Relief charity tournament for $1 111 and $100 The Opener with $2 000 000 guarantee.

The representatives of poker room issued an official apology on their Twitter page:

GGPoker post

They also mentioned about compensation for the inconvenience:

GGPoker on Twitter

Later, they reported that bug was caused by the huge number of players who joined The Opener and other events. The tournament servers were unable to resume their work due to the high loads, despite the fact that throughput capability was doubled. The representatives of poker room will take measures in order the future events to be held smoothly.

Event #32 The Opener for $100 has been postponed to 26 July (Sunday) at 18:30 (UTC). All of the remaining 3 684 players will start to play in the tournament with the same stacks they had in the moment of technical failure. They will also get compensation in the form of tournament dollars, i.e T$100.

Event #33 Every 1 for Covid Relief for $1 111 was postponed to 26 July (Sunday) at 18:00 (UTC). Since the tournament was a charitable one, GGPoker will double the donated amount ($177 378).

In addition to WSOP tournaments, a number of other events was suspended and canceled due to the bug. The money will be refunded to all the players in accordance with the policy of tournaments’ return to the poker room:

  • If a tournament has not yet started, GGPoker will refund all buy-ins and fees to the registered players.
  • The remaining players will get their tournament fee if tournament has started, but late registration has not yet finished; or if the late registration period has finished, but the tournament has not reached ITM zone. As for the prize pool, 50% is split equally among all remaining players at the time of cancellation, and the other 50% is paid based on the stacks at the time of cancellation. If a tournament has a guaranteed prize pool, which wasn’t beaten or exceeded at the time of cancellation, then only the amount of prize pool collected at the time of players’ registration will be split.
  • If a tournament reached ITM zone, the remaining players will be refunded their tournament fees. As for the prize pool, the next payout will be equally divided among all remaining players at the time of cancellation. The remainder is paid according to the number of chips of remaining players.

You can play WSOP Online tournaments at GGPoker by getting $100 in free tickets to WSOP Online.

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