GGPoker to host High Rollers Week with $15M guarantee

High rollers week

From June 6 to 13, the High Rollers Week tournament series of high-roller events returns to the GGPoker room. Tournaments are suitable for those who like to play high. But even if you don’t have enough bankroll to play these events, you can watch with interest their broadcast on the official GGPoker channels.

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This time the series doesn't have the biggest guarantee. This is due to the decline in poker activity in the summer and there is no point in making big guarantees. Although playing with $15 000 000 prize pool in 27 events is pretty good.

Main Event

The $5 000 000 GTD Main Event with a $10 300 buy-in has 5 starting days. Satellites to them started on June 1 and they have a two-level structure:

  • $108 step with a guarantee of 2-3 tickets;
  • $1K Mega with 3-5 tickets guaranteed for the target event.

There are about four such satellites every day. You can also take part in step satellites for $10. You can also qualify for other events in the series through satellites.

Full schedule of High Rollers Week

DateTime (GMT)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
06.06.2116:30Event#1: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525, $1M GTD$525$1,000,000
06.06.2118:05Event#2: GGMasters High Rollers $1,050, $1M GTD$1,050$1,000,000
06.06.2118:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1A]$10,300$5,000,000
-06.06.2118:05Event#3: Sunday High Rollers ME $1,050, $1M GTD [2-day event]$1,050$1,000,000
06.06.2118:40Event#4: Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
07.06.2116:30Event#5: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
07.06.2118:05Event#6: Monday Main Event $1,050, $200K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$200,000
07.06.2118:05Event#7: Bounty $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
08.06.2116:30Event#8: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
08.06.2118:05Event#9: Super Tuesday $1,050, $250K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$250,000
08.06.2118:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1B]$10,300$5,000,000
08.06.2119:05Event#10: High Roller $5,250, $300K GTD$5,250$300,000
09.06.2116:30Event#11: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
09.06.2118:05Event#12: Wednesday Main Event $1,050, $200K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$200,000
09.06.2119:05Event#13: Bounty 6-Max $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
10.06.2116:30Event#14: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
10.06.2118:05Event#15: Thursday Thriller $1,050, $250K GTD [Bounty, 2-day event]$1,050$250,000
10.06.2119:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1C]$10,300$5,000,000
10.06.2116:30Event#16: Bounty High Roller $5,250, $300K GTD$5,250$300,000
11.06.2118:05Event#17: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $100K GTD$525$100,000
11.06.2119:10Event#18: Friday Main Event $1,050, $100K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$100,000
11.06.2116:30Event#19: Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $150K GTD$2,100$150,000
12.06.2115:05Event#20: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $150K GTD$525$150,000
12.06.2115:05Event#21: Saturday Main Event $1,050, $200K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$200,000
12.06.2116:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1D]$10,300$5,000,000
12.06.2116:30Event#22: Bounty $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
13.06.2117:05Event#23: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525, $1M GTD$525$1,000,000
13.06.2118:05Event#24: GGMasters High Rollers $1,050, $1M GTD$1,050$1,000,000
13.06.2118:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1E]$10,300$5,000,000
13.06.2118:40Event#25: Sunday High Rollers ME $1,050, $1M GTD [2-day event]$1,050$1,000,000
13.06.2118:40Event#26: Omaholic High Roller $5,250, $300K GTD$5,250$300,000
14.06.2118:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 2]$10,300$5,000,000

The High Roller Series has already started! Qualify via satellites and face the high rollers at the same table!

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