GGPokerOK held the first GGMaster tournaments with overlays

GGMasters 2020

In early January, GGPokerOK launched the promotion according to which 52 tournaments with $150 buy-in and $300 000 prize pool will be held.

The leaderboard is available as part of promotion and according to its results the new GGPokerOK ambassador will be chosen at the end of the year. He will be awarded $500 000. The players from the top 10 of the leaderboard will get free tickets to all GGMasters tournaments in 2021.

GGMaster tournaments

The first GGMasters tournament with $250 000 prize pool was held on 5 January. The poker player from Japan under the nickname "howardern" became the winner and got $32 655. This tournament was carried out with $27 820 overlay.

Despite the overlay, the organizers decided to increase the prize pool of tournaments by $50 000, and the second GGMasters tournament had a prize pool of $300 000. The second tournament was held on 12 January and it had an impressive overlay of $37 660.  

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The poker player from Malta under the nickname “MwonderchilD” became the winner of the second tournament and he earned $36 790 for the victory. The player under the nickname “ruael” took the 2nd place and got $40 190 due to a heads-up deal.

GG Masters leaderboard

The winners of the first two GGMasters tournaments are topping the current leaderboard.

At the moment, the top 10 of GG Masters leaderboard is as follows:

1MwonderchilDMalta1 024.37
10Formosa DreamersTaiwan343.58

You can play the next GG Masters tournament cheaper through the satellites with $15 buy-in and step-satellites with $1,5 buy-in. They are carried out every day.

In order to claim the title of GGPokerOK Ambassador, you need to win GG Masters tournament at least once, and after that you should get into the top 50 or top 100 best players of the tournament.

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