Governor of Louisiana Organizes Home Poker Games Featuring Senators

Governor of Louisiana mixes politics and poker

The governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, who recently left his post, admitted that he always loved playing poker. He also said that during the last eight years that he was at the head of the state, he hosted numerous low-stakes poker nights at his estate in New Orleans. 

These poker gatherings, held approximately three times a year, were not just casual get-togethers. They saw the participation of state senators, key administration officials, and lobbyists, blending political discourse with the strategic game of poker. These events provided a unique platform for networking and camaraderie away from the formal rigors of political life.

This case was not the first such case in history. Earlier, other famous politicians could be seen at the poker table. In particular, US presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Rutherford B. Hayes, Warren Harding and Harry Truman liked to play poker. And Richard Nixon was such a good gambler that it is rumored that he financed most of his first campaign for Congress with poker winnings.

"We always had fun, always. That’s why we did it," commented Mr Edwards.

The participants claim that the game was always played for small money, and had nothing to do with politics or other serious issues.

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