GTO Wizard and Fair Play Check Feature Revealed the First Cheater

First results of Fair Play Check feature

A collaboration between WPN, WPTGlobal and GTO Wizard was recently announced. And here are the first results of the Fair Play Check feature: Mike Holtz accused a player named Christopher Battenfield, who won the WSOP ring in August, of cheating.

How exactly does this feature work?
How exactly does this feature work?

After being eliminated from the tournament, Mike suspected Chris of playing unfairly. And thanks to the Fair play tool, he was able to load five controversial hands into the program and indicate the exact time when they were played. After this, the program produced the result: that the data of these hands (namely, flop cards and stack sizes) were analyzed earlier, that is, in real time. And this is a violation.

After this statement was posted on the Twitter, everyone in replies started tagging the WSOP room account and demanding a comprehensive review of the situation . In recent weeks, Battenfield has played in three bracelet tournament finals and won more than $130,000 in prize money. Jeff Platt, who probably became a victim of Battenfield (when got second place in WSOP-C tournament), also commented on the scandal: he thanked Mike, the program developers and the World Series management.

«Don’t need a ring ...or the extra $$. Want to go earn it myself». 

Well-known poker commentator Tony Dunst replied to this that Platt deserved both title and money, and all players affected by the cheater's actions should get fair compensation.

The decisive point in this scandal should be the results of the investigation by the WSOP.

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