Hamster and Spin n Go 20€\3

    How are you people

I continue to track the trend of my drawdowns. Today the maximum mark has reached 10 tournaments, not scary at all. Well, then I pumped up my skill and things started. It's a pity that it happened at the end of the session, and it was not possible to earn profit properly

As a result +30$, for bread and butter))

But I know that the earnings will be at a distance, so I do not lose heart. That's why everything is fine

Hey man, is it legal at all :D  powerfully

More often so, I wish you all such strong opponents. Great gift

Another powerful opponent. Bad play is punishable

Find similar opponents and zero their bankrolls. Good luck, and I'm all for today:)

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The flop was great, but not the turn

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Best of the best turn 😁
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