Hamster and Spin n Go 20€\6

    How are you people

    Hello friends. New Year's holidays have come to us. Happy New Year to all members of the forum, poker fans, editors, and all forum guests. May luck always accompany us in the new year. A new month has begun and I went to test my luck at the work limit. 

     I had three stages of Homer: the joy of victories, the lack of understanding of defeat, and just a kiss on my ass RNG xDDD

    The new gaming year began with a failed session, and the native putty came. As I did not try to raise the ev - the cooler killed him back. But still I caught a good streak, I managed to finish in plus about 200$. Ev will definitely bring it to a plus another time)))

By the way, I finished last month with an excellent result, 3000$+.  So play poker and earn

Such a guy got caught, he did everything himself, good:)

Doyle Brunson is that you?  Powerful call))

Play and Win, Good Luck

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A tidy profit last month.  Nice post!

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I play a lot to earn money :) Ty

Vetal Guru


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