Hamster and Spin n Go 20€\7

        How are you people

    Hello friends. Another night out is over, it is difficult to call it successful, but not a failure either. I do not have time to write about all my playing days, but taking advantage of the moment I will brag: yesterday I finished at  1k$ +. I am very glad that there is such an intellectual game as poker, where I could find a place for myself. So do not stand aside, look for yourself, improve your qualities of a poker player and go ahead for victories

    Today nothing boded trouble, the beginning was not bad, the game turned out until one regular came and ruined the whole mood and the final schedule. Regular was in the upstreak, and RNG showed me Bart's ass and the game was no longer running. But you need to gain distance, so I managed to somehow finish with a positive and +35$ )))

    Aggressively played his hand, and collected a backdoor. Sometimes I get lucky too. Opponent played badly

    Poker is alive as long as these guys play like this

Play and don't be afraid to experiment. Good luck 

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Vetal user
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1k$ +


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lider user
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Yea 😏

Iacobebastian user
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How the games look like on 20s?

Also, what hours are you playing right now?

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