Hand2Note detailed settings

Hand2Note settings

In this article, we will tell you how to set Hand2Note. The step-by-step instructions, illustrations and videos will help you to do this process maximally simple and clear. You can read about the program and its main functions in more details in the main article about Hand2Note.

Important note: the program can be used only with StarsHelper and SessionLord (for PokerStars), PartyCaption (for the poker rooms of bwin.party network), 888Caption (for the poker rooms of 888 network). The dynamic and positional HUD won’t operate without them. That’s why you should primarily download and install the necessary program. Also the component .Net Framework 4.6 or higher is necessary for H2N installation.

  • To import the hand database if you have it (if no, then omit this point).
  • To turn on the chat messages in the poker-room settings.
  • To choose the poker-rooms you are playing at and choose the nicknames (screen monikers) in every room.
  • To choose the preferable place (the comfortable place for you) for all tables types (6-max, 10-max and etc.).
  • To set English language in the poker room client.
  • To choose the folder for auto-import in the section “Configurations” – it is the place where the poker-room saves the hands history (you can see it in the poker-rooms settings).
  • To set the hands history archiving into the chosen folder in order to save the hand history. It is necessary in order not to clog the auto-import folders.
  • To turn on the auto-import from the database of a third-party tracker-program if you use such trackers (Holdem Manager/ PokerTracker) apart from Hand2Note. It is very important! 

Auto import Hand2Note

  • The program you use together with Hand2Note (see the picture below) should be Run as Administrator for supporting Positional and Dynamic HUD. In order to do it, you should click the program shortcut right mouse button and select “Run as Administrator”.

Supportive programs Hand2Note

Hand2Note running

F12 is a button of quick access to the settings. Press it in the opened program and the settings window will be opened in front of you. Here are the several points. There is no need to explain many of them. Let’s examine those points with which you can have the difficulties.

HUD settings require special attention because it is one of the main soft instruments.

H2N has 3 different HUD variations – traditional, positional and dynamic. The last variation you will not find in any other program.

However, PokerStars prohibit the using of dynamic HUD and you cannot enjoy all the great features of this exclusive instrument. The program automatically blocks its work at PokerStars due to the poker-rooms rules. However, all the other main functions including the Classical and Positional HUD will work without the problems. 

The setup of a program interface, displaying of the stats and pop-ups is intuitively simple, that’s why it won’t be difficult for you to carry out it by yourself. You can use HUD settings by default. 

For your acquaintance, we propose you to test the traditional settings, in other words, to test the soft. The material will help you to clear up the details of Hand2Note settings. If you will have the additional questions during the reading, you can leave them in the comments or ask our experts on the forum.     

In general HUD settings, everything is pretty clear. You can use the slider in order to turn on or turn off some functions. Among these functions, there is hiding of dynamic HUD when the player or you folded, also the block of possibility to shift it with the mouse and etc. Among the other things you should pay attention to “Turn on HUD support through the converter”. It is needed to turn on it if you use the converter for the hands import in the poker room.      

Hand2Note HUD settings

The program figuratively divides the players into the regs (regular strong players) and the fishes (weak or recreational players). You can help the program to determine the reg. By default, the fish is a player with VPIP indicator more than 30, PFR – more than 25. In the section “Color marks” select the color you want the regs to be indicated and the color for fish.  

In order to combine your play stats from the different poker-rooms, you should enter the tab “Alias” and click “Add”. You create the title for your public profile and select the poker-rooms and nicknames you play with. Thus, you can analyze your game in the several poker-rooms simultaneously. 

  • The license – you should enter your key here if you subscribed;
  • The currencies – you should set the currency rate and choose the principal currency;
  • Prophylaxis - you should set the filters in HUD, pop-ups and the groups, delete the unused filters;
  • Statistics – you can include/exclude the hands against the fishes from the statistics;
  • Logging – turn in/turn off the dispatch of anonymous statistics to the developers;
  • Language – the language selection.

The reports on the cash-games and the tournaments (F3) – you can monitor your game results by using many filters at the left side of the screen.

The sessions (F4) – you can monitor your sessions’ results in a given day, period or for all the time. 

The stats tab – you can set the stats according to your preferences.

The stats editor (F7) – you can edit all your stats. Set the signs with the filter’s requirement, they will be necessary for you in order to create your own HUD.

The difficult stats – these stats consist of the several stats with mathematical formulas. For example, 4Bet Range and etc.

Pros and сons of Hand2Note

  • The availability of different languages
  • Low operating system requirements
  • Unique features and dynamic HUD
  • The need to install additional software for different poker rooms.

HUD settings interface is as follows:

HUD editor Hand2Note

At first, you should choose the element you want to create.

There are all possible stats at the left side which you can use for the creation of your own HUD and pop-ups. In order to do this, you should import the selected stat to the table cell.  

You have an opportunity to choose the size, color, background for the stats.

There are instruments for HUD settings on the right side.

HUD editor Hand2Note

Here you can edit the pop-ups, make the requirements in which the particular indicators must be shown, also indicate the stats color depending on their meanings.

You should indicate what HUD and pop-up should be used for the different game types at different tables.

You can set HUD independently or do it with the help of specialists who carried out a lot of tests during online play in order to select the optimal stats, add useful pop-ups and place all of these on the screen in a way that you will feel comfortable during getting all necessary information for the opponents when playing stressful session at the several tables simultaneously.

Hand2Note has a number of advantages over the competitors thanks to different languages interface available, the minimal requirements to OS, the unique functions availability and Dynamic HUD.

With regard to disadvantage, there is a need to set an additional soft for the different poker-rooms.

But if you decided to make poker your income source, then H2N will be an unequaled instrument for the winnings!

How to switch the HUD profile?

You can switch the HUD profile right during the game. Click on the “H” icon at the table and select the appropriate item in the menu that appears.

How to display HUD on Hero?

By default, HUD is displayed only on your opponents. If you want to see the HUD for yourself, you need to create a separate stat block in the HUD editor and apply a filter to the cells.

How to see statistics at the current table?

To display the stat for hands played only on the current table, click on the HUD block of the desired player by double-clicking the right mouse button. You may return also with double-click.

How to disable HUD?

You can disable the module responsible for collecting hand history from your room. To do this, stop the corresponding process in the task manager. The process starts after you open the room.

Does Hand2Note work at Partypoker?

No, statistics programs are not allowed at Partypoker.

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