Hand2Note program review

Hand2Note program

​There are quite a lot of programs for collecting poker statistics. Each program is good in its own way. Today we will talk about Hand2Note (hereinafter - H2N) which you can use legally in most poker rooms, including PokerStars, 888poker, iPoker, PartyPoker, etc. It has a lot of interesting features.

Attention! In order to realize the full potential of the program, you need to use it along with StarsHelper or SessionLord (for PokerStars), PartyCaption (for rooms of bwin.party network), 888Caption (for rooms of 888 network), etc.

Hand2Note poker rooms

​The interface of the program is quite pleasant in contrast to Hold'em Manager for example:

Hand2Note program

The main functions that H2N is designed to implement and also a number of unique features that are not available in other similar programs are represented below:

  • Dynamic HUD (it is allowed in 888, bwin.party and iPoker rooms) - displays statistics on players taking into account positions, bet sizing, stack size, number of players at the table, streets, etc. You can choose which HUD to use: static (classic), positional or dynamic yourself.
  • Exclusive statistics that takes into account a game not with all the players consecutively, it distinguishes between the game versus fish and against regulars (reg vs reg or reg vs fish).
  • Minimum requirements for a computer: 1 GB of RAM; Windows 7 and higher.
  • A function of displaying the game statistics directly versus you (vsHero) is a very useful feature since poker players don’t play identically with all opponents, they adjust to everyone.
  • High speed of work due to innovative technologies of data processing and transmission (the program works much faster than the others and it is less demanding on the hardware). On average, a database of Hand2Note takes 250 MB per million hands.
  • Viewing of hands with showdown when you were absent (for example, during the multi-tabling).
  • Displaying the range of preflop call and raise of players.
  • High speed of hands loading when importing from the database - 1500-3000 hands per second.
  • A possibility to import the base from Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker

H2N is a great option for players with slow computers. The program works with a statistics database remotely; it is not placed on your device. Thanks to this the productivity is higher.

These are not all advantages of given software. Let's review in details some features of Hand2Note.

Thanks to the embedded "HUD Designer" and using of flexible settings, you can create static, positional and dynamic HUDs, which will allow you to display only the necessary statistics that are required for the game at the moment.

Static HUD. It means the classic display of stats, in which one HUD is displayed for all players, regardless of your position at the table, stack size of the opponents, rivals’ actions and other factors.

Positional HUD. This HUD displays the required statistics on the players regarding your current position at the table. 

Positional HUD

In other words, the program can display some stats on the players who have already made their actions in front of you. Also, it can display completely different stats on those whose turn is still ahead.

Dynamic HUD. This type includes all the functions of positional HUD and provides more flexible options concerning the displaying of poker statistics.

Dynamic HUD can change depending on the player's actions. It can display additional statistics only after the appropriate actions: change of stats when using the certain bet sizes, the displaying of required ranges directly on the poker table in the form of preflop matrix or diagrams with a range on postflop, and other options that make game more convenient.

Creation of pop-ups, HUDs and stats. The embedded editors allow you to create your own HUDs and change the entire blocks of pop-ups, by developing the combined pop-ups, including the diagrams, notes, filtered lists of hands and multilevel tabs.

Hand2Note poker program

For more advanced users, the program offers special section that allows creating complex statistics with the use of mathematical formulas.

Statistics dividing in the game situations such as "regular vs fish" and "regular vs regular"

The regular players often face with a common problem when playing with other regulars. This problem lay in a distortion of statistics due to the fact that everyone plays against recreational players from time to time, but the game strategy against fish differs significantly from the strategy against the regulars. 

Hand2Note poker program

Taking this into account, the Hand2Note developers added function of hands dividing (and statistics dividing) into the game situations such as “regular versus fish” and “regular versus regular”.

Hand2Note capacity.The developers guarantee a high speed of program operating when working with pop-ups and diagrams. It has a small database size (for example, database that consists of a million hands takes only 200-300 megabytes). Import speed implies 1500-3000 hands per second.

"Quick note" option. This function is designed to speed up and simplify the process of notes creation on the opponents by means of making the templates.

Hand2Note poker program

Moreover, if you have a large number of notes, the program offers to “tie” the notes to corresponding stats or add them to certain groups. For example, you can create the groups of notes such as “preflop”, “3-bet pots”, “2-bet pots”, and then add each note to a specific group.

Analysis of opponents. The process of analyzing the opponents' play outside the tables is facilitated in Hand2Note. For example, you can get information about the opponent's ranges in certain situations by simply hovering over a certain stat.

Hand2Note poker program

Hand2Note offers several types of subscription that can be issued both monthly and yearly. Their cost depends on the limits you play at:

Hand2Note price

For those who play at NL50, the program will cost $10 per month. If you play at NL100-200, get ready to pay $20. The fans of NL400+ will pay $40 per month.

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There is no lifelong license of H2N yet but you can download the program for free.

Hand2Note works for free in "Micro stakes version" mode. What does it mean? Use Hand2Note for free at the limits up to NL25, FL1/2 and in tournaments with a buy-in up to 9$. This is a great offer for micro-limit players who have just started to master the poker software.

A free period of using the program without restriction on limits is 30 days (whole functionality is available at all limits except for a Range Research function, which is available only for "Edge" subscription).

Do you want to start right now? Download Hand2Note from the official website and use the program for the first month for free in order to estimate all its features and advantages in practice.

Let's talk separately about such tools as Range Research and Decision Analysis, which are available only for "Edge" subscription (39$ a month or 359$ a year).

Range Research is a tool for analyzing a range of the players on which we do not have enough hands. The mechanism of work is very simple. For instance, when you have a situation where you need to choose between call and 3-bet, you open a tool window and fill in the required fields. The program analyzes the players with similar indicators and displays the averaged statistics.

Decision Analysis is a tool of research the profitability of your actions in different situations, which includes three functions:

  • Action Profit - displays what profit you had when collecting different combinations (on big blinds for 100 hands):

Hand2ote tools

​Action Profit of your actions is calculated as a difference of your stack at the end of the hand and before committing a certain action.
  • Spot frequency shows the frequency of occurrence of the certain game situations.

Hand2Note analysis tools

​In the picture above, Spot Frequency shows that statistical indicator "a continuation bet of opponent with no position on you" is 5.34. At the same time, a situation, when the continuation bet was justified (it was not a bluff), has occurred 6.45 times per 1000 hands.

Cases - the frequency of committing the action.

Opportunities - the possibility to commit the action.

  • Next Villain's Actions. With the help of it you will learn how your opponent will react to your bet.

In the illustration below, a FCR stat (CHECK RAISE) shows a percentage of opponents’ fold to your raise / call percentage / raise percentage. BX is Bet and Check.

Hand2Note options

Hand2Note main advantages

  • Ability to create graphs, sessions and reports for the cash tables and tournaments. Using filters, you are able to create unique reports like “Winrate on the tables without fish”.
  • Easy-to-use and quick tools for analyzing the opponents’ game. The program displays interactive pop-ups for each stat, makes preflop and postflop diagrams, compiles a list of hands, etc.
  • High performance rate. The program imports from one and a half to three thousand hands per second from the database. Pop-ups, diagrams and notes open instantly. The hand history doesn’t take many space. Million hands will take no more than 200-300 Mb.
  • Productive and accessible editor of HUDs, pop-ups and stats. You can easily create and edit all this, based on the players’ position at the table, board strength, bet size, hole cards and more.
  • A qualitative approach to the notes’ recording. You can insert notes into hand with just a few clicks or by dragging them with a cursor. You can use the templates and write notes on individual stats.

A team that has developed Hand2Note consists of ambitious poker players who play high stakes poker.

This is confirmed by a statement on the official website hand2note.com:

"We are aimed to make Hand2Note the most popular program of poker statistics".

You have finished the first introduction to Hand2Note and now, if you want, you can start learning the following material "Hand2Note detailed settings" where you will learn a process of installation, application and HUD configurations.

Similar programs: HoldemManager 3, PokerTracker 4, Jivaro.

If you want to visually get acquainted with this program, we offer you to watch the following video:

Poker rooms that allow using Hand2Note

Hand2Note operates in over 50 poker rooms, including the most famous ones. It is also supported in the rooms of iPoker (Betfair, Betsson Poker, RedStar Poker). Here is the list of the most popular poker rooms, which allow using Hand2Note:


This poker room sttracts the players with different bonuses and wide variety of game disciplines. It has very active players' pool and high quality software.

Full Tilt

There is less action than at PokerStars, but this poker room offers a wide variety of cash games and tournaments. You can play Spin & Go and Fast Zoom poker, as well as take part in the popular tournament series.


This is one of the most popular poker rooms. It became famous thanks to the big no deposit bonus, large number of poker players at the tables, mass of recreational players, as well as a variety of games, satellites for the popular offline tournament series and more.


PartyPoker developers always take into account the wishes of its users and regularly update the software. This poker room can boast of active game at different limits. PartyPoker is among the top five poker rooms according to the traffic volume.

Winner Poker

Winner Poker is a poker room of iPoker network. It gained a great popularity among the players thanks to a big first deposit bonus, as well as an exclusive loyalty program. In addition to poker games, the users can try their luck in online casino.

Hand2Note detailed settings
Hand2Note detailed settings
In this article we will tell you how to configure Hand2Note. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations will help to make this process as simple and understandable as possible.