HCL's Private Poker Game Scandal: Airball Accuses Mars of Using Special Lenses

New poker scandal at Hustler Live Casino

Another scandal happened at Hustler Live Casino. This time, Nick Airball and another Hustler Casino regular, crypto tycoon Wesley Fei, accused their buddy, who plays under the nickname Mars, of cheating for more than $3,000,000.

In the replies to this tweet, there were immediately jokes from those who did not believe Airball's words. And one even wrote:

"Why cheat against you, when I can just come to Hustler and honestly win everything from you?"

But the story continued after another player, Wesley, also spoke on the subject. This is the same player who recently conducted a room tour of an incredibly luxurious Vegas hotel room. He said that along with Airball and several other high rollers, he regularly participates in a private game in California ($25/$50 and $50/$100), where Mars has won more than $1,600,000 in the last 7 months. In addition to this, two more of his friends, whom he brought to the game, won about the same amount.

All this raised some suspicions in Nick and Wesley and they decided to check the playing decks with the help of ultraviolet light. That's how they found marks on the cards. And the most interesting thing is that was Mars who brought these decks to the game. According to Wesley and Airball, the cheater could see the marks on the cards thanks to the special contact lenses he always wears during the game.

Mars himself denied all the accusations: in a conversation with Wesley, he agreed that the decks were fraudulent, but said that he had nothing to do with them. But Wesley found a message in the common chat in which Mars himself offers to bring these decks to the game.

"This is why I will never ever ever play private games. Zero ability to fully know if it's legit," noted one player in the comments.

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