High Stakes Duel II: Hellmuth and Negreanu plan to play three matches

Phil Hellmuth against Daniel Negreanu

Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu will decide in the High Stakes Duel II show who is the strongest player. The interest in this event is so high that PokerGo holds three shows just for the first round of the battle.

The first show “The Hype Show” has already been held tonight at 00:00 UTC. In this broadcast, Ali Nejad and Nick Schulman discussed all the interesting details of the upcoming duel.

The second show is scheduled for 1 April (23:30 UTC) and it will be called “The Weigh-In”. It will be something like a boxers' weigh-in: the poker players will exchange pleasantries before the game start. It will take them half an hour, after which the first round of battle will start at 00:00 (UTC).

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In total, there will be held three rounds and all of them will be broadcasted on PokerGo. For Phil Hellmuth, this is the second experience of such a confrontation. Last year, Phil outplayed Esfandiari three times and earned $400 000. As for Negreanu, this is a debut for him, because in the last battle he has played online most of his hands against Polk.   

PokerShares website already accepts the bets on this event. Bookmakers consider Negreanu to be the favorite: 1.63 vs Hellmuth’s 2.36.

Odds to win

Who do you think will become the winner? Will Hellmuth be able to show his white magic and beat Daniel?  

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