Highlighting the Three Most Memorable Poker Events of 2023

Memorable events in poker in 2023

A lot of interesting things happened in the world of poker in 2023. New records offline and at online tables, scandals and loud victories, premieres of new poker shows and irreparable losses.

Summarizing the results of the year is always difficult. Therefore, we decided to focus only on the loudest events that will not be forgotten from 2023.

Streamer's Unreal Success in WSOP Online​

Bert Stevens aka girafganger7

This event will continue to appear in the selections of the poker media for a long time to come. First, this year's WSOP Online Series Main Event at GGPoker set a new record with the largest prize pool in online history. The tournament managed to collect a fantastic prize pool of $28,609,250.

Secondly, the "giraffe" became the champion of the record event. But not the real one – the main bracelet of the series went to streamer Bert "girafganger7" Stevens. At the final table, the Belgian stormed in with a huge stack of 115 big blinds and simply crushed all of his opponents.

For first place, Stevens received $2,783,432 in prize money. And also became the champion of the tournament with the largest prize fund in the history of online.

After the victory, Bert published a video on his page in "X", which went viral on social networks. As it turned out, the streamer scored a resounding victory while playing from his workplace in the attic.

End of Doyle Bunson's Story

Doyle Brunson

Undoubtedly, the most high-profile loss this year was the death of the legendary Doyle Brunson. The history of the great poker player ended at the age of 89 – an entire era has passed with him.

As it is known, in 2020 Brunson was able to overcome cancer for the fourth time. At the same time, until the end of his days, the poker player did not lose his sense of humor – a few years ago, he disturbed the player community by jokingly publishing a post on his page with the phrase "I can't breathe".​

Doyle Brunson didn't have enough time to make it to his favorite WSOP series. Unfortunately, at the end of October, it became known about another loss – the wife of the legendary poker player Louise Brunson also passed away. During her only interview, she said that the secret of their long and happy marriage with Doyle was true love that did not fade throughout their life together.

Mega Popular Game of Gold Show​

Game of Gold poker show

Finally, it is worth mentioning the explosive release of the joint project Poker After Dark and GGPoker – the Game of Gold show. From the beginning of the premiere, it became clear that GoG will be one of the most interesting spectacles in the history of poker broadcasts. The symbiosis of the traditional "feature poker table" and the reality show was very liked by the majority of viewers.

As a result, Maria Ho became the champion of the first season. As it is known, the producers have already started developing the second season of Game of Gold. The project really managed to make poker shows more spectacular and interesting for viewers, so in 2024 it has every chance to win the title of the most popular poker show on YouTube.​

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