Holz wins heads-up battle against Malinowski

Fedor Holz 2021

Fedor Holtz and Wiktor Malinowski have completed their heads-up challenge. The poker players decided not to make the battle last 25 000 hands, as Polk and Negreanu did, and played only 4 game sessions.

For those who did not follow the challenge, let us recall the results of the first three matches:

Malinowski’s frame of mind was not the best at the start of the fourth fight as it was the final one. He had a challenging task to win back $160 000 in one game session, which is difficult, but not impossible given such high limits.

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One should tribute to Malinowski’s efforts, as the guy showed great poker play in the fourth match. Wiktor finished the fourth session with a $70 000 profit, but that was not enough to overcome Fedor. Based on the results of all matches, Fedor Holz won the heads-up challenge with a result of + $90 374.

Holz vs. Malinowski Fourth Match

What conclusion can be drawn from the heads-up matches between Holz and Malinowski? Both poker players showed excellent play, but there is always just one winner. 2 000 hands is a very small distance, and it cannot be used to judge the true strength of the players, but Holz proved to be stronger in this challenge.

Heads-up challenges have become very popular lately. This suggests that we will see many more interesting poker duels in the future. The next battle will take place in March: Hellmuth vs. Negreanu. Who do you think will be the winner?​

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