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PokerStars 2020

Do you want to play with friends at the same online table? It is possible, because there are Home Games at PokerStars. Or, more precisely, this is one of the available options for using this feature in the poker room.

Using Home Games, you can create the tournaments and cash games by invitation and also play them with your friends. In so doing, it is even allowed to play in the same room with the same IP address. The games are carried out for real money or play chips (play money), but not for StarsCoins.

Create the game with friends online

In order to create the game with friends online, you should follow a simple step-by-step instruction:

  1. First and foremost, you and all the players should download PokerStars and register in the poker room.
  2. Go to the lobby, open the tab "Home Games".
    PokerStars 2020
  3. Create your club. With the help of this club, you can hold more than one game, as well as create the private cash games and tournaments if you so wish.
  4. Create the cash game or tournament, configure all the necessary data (buy-in, limits, levels, etc.).
  5. Invite your friends to the club.
  6. Enjoy the game together.

​On a going forward basis, you can change the club’s settings, decorate your private group with a logo and hold the games every single day.

PokerStars' lobby

How to create the club?

It is quite simple to create your own club at PokerStars and, importantly, it’s free of charge. Go to the section “Home Games” and create your club by choosing the name and invitation code for it. Then send the club number and entry code to everyone you want (all this is done in order the invited people can join the group). Accept their applications after receiving the requests, and create the games to your liking.

How to create the game?

In the private clubs, you can create both the cash games and tournaments (not only in Hold'em and Omaha, but also in less popular types of poker).

Creation of cash game:

  1. In the lobby of club, click on "Game Management" – "Table Management".
  2. Choose “Create Table”.
  3. Set up the table: game type, limit, currency, number of players at the table.

Creation of tournament

  1. Select "Game Management" – "Tournament Management" in the lobby.
  2. Click on “Create Tournament”.
  3. Configure all the necessary tournament options, including the name of the tournament and notes in the lobby.

How to join the club?

It is easy to join the Home Games club at PokerStars. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to "Home Games" tab in the main lobby at PokerStars.
  2. Click on "Join Club" button.
  3. Enter the club number and invitation code with your name.
  4. Click on the button "Agree to the terms and conditions of club".

After that, your request will be formed and sent to the club manager. After the confirmation by manager, you will join the club and it will appear in the list of your Home Games.

Limitations on the use of Home Games

Please note that there is a certain restriction for Home Games at PokerStars: you can create no more than two clubs, as well as join no more than 10 clubs. However, there can be many games in every clubs, and only the number of their launch at the same time is limited. In one club, 5 cash games and 10 tournaments maximum can be held in parallel (it doesn’t, matter for real money or play chips).

Limitations also vary in dependence of version:

.com version

In this version, you can create 2 clubs maximum, as well as join 10 clubs maximum.

.net version

In this version, you can create 1 club maximum, as well as join 3 clubs maximum.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in joining the club or its creation. After that, you can completely plunge into the poker world with your friends.

Note: Home Games is now available also from the mobile version of PokerStars. For a long time, home games were not available from mobile devices, but in the summer of 2020, updates were carried out and now home games are available from any device.

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