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Poker game has a very rich history. Many poker players, making this or that action during the game, probably do not think that every element of poker has an interesting origin. Today we want to tell you about how bluffing has become an integral part of the game. 

Bluffing is a poker trick when a player creates an illusion of a strong hand, but in fact, he has a weak combination or has nothing at all. In fact, bluffing is a lie. In real life, you'll have to pay for a lie (sooner or later) but in poker, the bluff is a good opportunity to make money out of the blue (as well as to lose, remember this).

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Traveler and cartographer Jonathan Green was one of the first to describe "cheating in games". Being on the ship during his trip to North America, Green drew attention to the sailors who played some kind of a card game. Literally, he called it "the game of cheaters." The sailors told the traveler a little about the game rules. It turns out that at that time an ability to fool your opponent was considered almost the most important in the game. Back then, it was not yet known how many poker combinations existed. As you understand, the point was not in the cards and the order of combinations, but in the one who would bluff more skillfully. The one who was believed definitely had success in the game and could earn good money.   

The sailors also told that the game had used to be very popular among fraudsters. Playing cards with the victim, swindlers only distracted his/her attention with the help of cartons and stole wallets of theirs that way. In thieves’ slang, there is such a word as “poke”, which means wallet. This is one of the many variants of the "Poker" word origin.

What is bluffing

An interesting fact is that the rules of the Texas poker game were first officially adopted in the small town of Robstown. Translated from English, it means - "the city of robbers." There can be traced a certain logic and tendency in it since after the card games appeared in America, they were played by scammers who wanted to beat their opponents at any cost.

This is one of the few stories about the origin of the bluff in poker. The ability to create an illusion of a strong hand is something of an art. A good player has to master this element of the game. Learn to bluff in poker, but do it responsibly and moderately.

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