How does RNG work at PokerStars?

RNG at PokerStars

Online poker exists for a long time and all this time there is talk about tampering of the rooms’ RNG. And since PokerStars is the largest and the most popular operator, it is precisely that most often this room is the target of criticism. However, nobody has found any real proof concerning the tampering of RNG at PokerStars.

It is strange, but ill-wishers don’t remember that poker is considered as a sport in many countries and that’s why tampering of RNG is a fraud. Why the largest poker room should spoil its reputation and bear the huge losses from court actions for quite a doubtful possibility to get a few extra bucks? 

How does CIGITAL check PokerStars’ RNG?

PokerStars checks RNG

PokerStars regularly sends the detailed data about the latest version of its random number generator to an independent consulting company. Poker room self-dependent and voluntarily applies to make a thorough analysis of the numbers’ randomity which are drawn in the result of RNG’s work and their application during the cards’ shuffle in the game.   

Cigital is the largest for today consulting organization for security and quality of software confirms the randomity of RNG that is used by PokerStars. Therefore, a software of the poker room meets all modern requirements concerning the generation of statistically random and unpredictable numbers during the cards’ shuffling and its dealing. 

According to the words of Cigital’s manager Paco Hope: “Really random numbers are secure foundation of any fair game. In the research process our employees thoroughly checked everything out including software and hardware. We (Cigital) confirm the randomity and unpredictability of numbers which are issued by PokerStars’ RNG. Cigital gives its opinion based on the research results that the players can be assured that the order of cards’ dealing is not predicted in advance”.

Cigital analyzed the sources of entropy, initial code and realization of RNG at PokerStars. The trial output stream of RNG was also tested in accordance with the standards of FIPS 140-2. Cigital company didn’t find disadvantages in a current RNG of the poker room, so it means that the generator meets all the standards and requirements. 

About Cigital

Cigital, Inc. was founded in 1992. The company implements the initiatives which help to provide security and reliability of software. Cigital is recognized as a world expert in this field. Head office of the consulting company is situated in Washington and regional representative offices are operating in the different states of USA, in Europe and India.  

How is the deck shuffled at PokerStars?

PokerStars deck

PokerStars produced video in the framework of a series “Inside PokerStars” with the aim of protecting its RNG from suspicions. The head of a department of poker communication Lee Jones has commented on the video:

“Our shuffle starts from RNG. It happens in such a way: there are two independent of each other and separate sources of random numbers. One of them issues the light rays on the translucent glass. If the ray is reflected – it is 1, if it runs through – this is 0. 

Another source – it is information from the users - motions with the mouse, pauses between the clicks and other actions. All of this is connected and criptographed. As a result we have a continuous and absolutely random stream of ones and zeros. Then the numbers from 1 to 52 are extracted from it, according to the cards’ number in the deck. For example the number 38 appeared. In this case the card №38 is extracted from the deck and it is put on the board. The same thing is done with the next card until the whole deck is completely reshuffled. This happens prior to the beginning of each hand.

Actually our RNG is often inspected by the various jurisdictions which regulate the activities of online gambling’s operators. It is also checked and certified by independent consulting company Cigital”.

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