How does Spin&Go players’ pool work?

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The players who actively play Spin&Go tournaments often encounter with misfortune. This is all happening because of big dispersion in such game formats.

Therefore, if you are going to play this discipline, then you should have the iron nerves and big bankroll. An unpleasant situation may arise in which you will lose one coin after another one and will feel depressed.

It is not known exactly who invented the players’ pool, but this idea came from the majority of players of the poker community. The victims of dispersion decided to merge into the pools in order to fight against the failure.

How to get into the players’ pool  

The players’ pool is an association of players who play Spin&Go tournaments for a total profit. The individual success is not so important here, as a general one. After finishing a certain period, the total profit is divided between the players of the pool.

Only profitable players who have already played a certain distance of the tournaments are taken to the pool. Usually, this figure is equal to several thousand of events. The player’s success is determined by ChipEV, and requirements vary depending on the limit.

How does Spin&Go players’ pool work?

The players in the pool play a certain distance. Then the total profit is divided between the participants. It is divided by ChipEV indicator and this indicator is comparable to EV bb/100. The player is given entire rakeback, and the income is divided as follows:

In order to understand how the pool operates in poker, you need to consider it with an example. If poker player expected to get $2,000 for EV, and the pooling coefficient is 80%, then the player will earn $1,600.

Possible dishonesty of pool’s participants is the biggest risk. If somebody from the pool wins a jackpot, he may refuse from sharing with others. At such moments, the person’s honesty is checked and that is why only the players with a solid reputation are taken to the pool.

Pros and Cons of play in Spin&Go pool

  • Pool is the best cure for depression.
  • Communication with other participants and improving the quality of your game.
  • You can take a vacation for a period not exceeding two weeks.​
  • If the game is unsuccessful, an exclusion from the pool is possible.

When winning the jackpot, you need to share with other participants of the pool.

It is advantageous for organizers of such pools that their players to be profitable ones, so they also join the poker schools or backing funds in order to improve the quality of their game.


Only you can decide whether or not to join the pool, but it is difficult to constantly win in this discipline due to a shortage. Due to this, many have already joined the player associations.

Do not forget that profitable play is an indispensable condition for joining. Devote the time for studying the theory and work on your mistakes in order to improve your play.

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