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How I came into the poker world or “thinking by spectrums”(p.1)

ow I came into the poker world or “thinking by spectrums”(p.1)

I’ll tell you a little bit about how I came into the poker and about thinking by spectrums.

A touch to the poker world has changed my life a lot.

Actually, before poker, I played professionally in e-sports. )

Warcraft3 was my main discipline.

Of course, over the past 15 years, e-sports have been changed a lot, I am now as a dinosaurRrr.))

In those days I was playing well and I reached top8 in the Russian championship and even played against Koreans, but the salary was cents. But when I was a student - getting $50 for playing computer games was really cool. To become a top and win the WCG (the main event that can be compared to the Olympics for real athletes) I lacked a little zeal and maybe talent. And then I began to think that we need to move somewhere further, besides from the age of 14 I dreamt to live next to the sea.

And the opportunity turned up ...

When I was in a clan of our e-sport team, our leader went to poker, then six months later he wrote to us: “Guys, go to poker. I already earned a few thousand a month there”. Oh, I didn’t believe him first)))

At first, my way was difficult, twice I funneled all money, the last time it was on NL100, trying to beat everyone in HU 6 months after the start.

To say that I was upset is to say nothing .....

I did some hard thinking and realized that I didn’t need to war with other regs, and I understood how poker money is actually made. I borrowed $ 500, and went to play NL25 long tables on ongame. And after a few months only I rolled up in plus nl100. As a result, after a year I was already making great money. Then there were difficulties in staying on nl200-400. I finally hire my first poker coach for several thousand (yes, they were not as accessible as they are now), and I realized, I made really a lot of mistakes in the game.

Thanks to this training, I became a strong player nl200-400. If I knew what kind of boost a competent trainer can give, I would certainly have taken it early.

As a result, my brother and I have bought a business class car in half, rent an apartment in the center for $1k, and began to hang out. Then, of course, I relaxed a bit, and instead of going even higher, I just wasted time on NL200-400 not playing too often. Youth... You can’t blame young me)) One of the important aspects that I understood back then was the right thinking by spectrums, and a tough exploring of the spectra of fishes.

I’ll open this topic a little in next post, I think it might be useful for someone. 

to be continued...)

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I am a professional poker player, I am playing nl100-200+ on Chine apps
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Julianna user
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It's interesting that so many poker pro started in e-sports.

Nice to read about your start.

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deviles2006 user
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Yes, it definitely helps when moving to poker)

SanSan1Time user
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Go for it, I'd love to read.

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deviles2006 user
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