How to block internal transfer of funds at PokerStars

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It’s always great to get a money transfer at PokerStars, but it may sometimes turn out to be a problem for you. Most often, the troubles begin after you get funds from other players, transferred by mistake.

Money transfer at PokerStars

PokerStars users are able to transfer money to other players. To do this, select the recipient’s screen name and specify the transfer amount.

The user can make a mistake in the poker player’s nickname and mistakenly send money to another person. Ill-wishers are sometimes on it, and if such a situation occurs, the security service may block your account for fraud.

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Reasons for blocking account

The PokerStars security service is monitors each transfer of funds made in the room. If money was sent to you by the player who commits fraudulent activities, then your account will be frozen for the purpose of verifying.

In this situation, you are innocent, but you will still have to wait until the end of the verification. In order to avoid this injustice, you can block money transfers at PokerStars.

How to block internal transfers at PokerStars

You aren’t able to block transfers yourself with the help of the poker client. You can do this only by contacting the support service through the chat.

  1. Go to the PokerStars lobby.PokerStars
  2. Click on the «‎Help» button, and then press «‎Contact Us».PokerStars support
  3. Choose a sub-category «Missing features».PokerStars chat
  4. Click on «Chat».chat
  5. In the chat, request to disable the function of internal cash transfers.

Thereafter, PokerStars players will not be able to accidentally send you money, and at the same time, you will secure your account.

If, over time, you need to resume the function of transferring funds, then you can easily send the certain request in the same way (via the chat).

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