How to find fish at PokerStars

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When playing poker you often can hear the phrase: if you do not see a fish at the table, then most likely you are a fish yourself. In this article, we have put together 7 key factors for you that will help answer the question: how to look for fish at PokerStars.

1. Stack size

Strong poker players always try to have the maximum stack at play, while inexperienced players are often afraid to take risks and want to save money. If you see that the player entered the game with a minimal stack, then most likely you have found a fish.

2. Rare raise

The most common actions of a real fish during the poker hands are a check and a call. Fishes rarely raise, but can sometimes be aggressive if they think they have a strong hand. And often this "strong" hand is not winning one at all.

3. Player nickname

When playing at the same table with an unknown player, pay attention to his nickname. If a player’s nickname contains any words related to poker slang, be careful, because most likely you are playing with a person who possesses at least basic knowledge of poker, which means that it’s not such an "easy catch".

4. Chat

If you see that a player writes in a chat "hello everyone", "good luck in the game", etc., then you can safely "throw the net", because this player most likely came just to play, and not to win. Many poker professionals do not even look at the chat.

5. Avatar

If the player on the avatar has poker chips, sharks, cards, etc., then this player most likely has at least some minimal basis of knowledge about poker. But even if the avatar is "glamorous chick" or a blonde girl with big boobs, then there is no need to rush and make conclusions about opponent’s skill. Indeed, poker sharks have long learned how to use this technique. Therefore, do not be surprised if you go all-in and some pretty Anna777 wins all your bankroll.

6. Not waiting for BB

Fishes are often impatient and want to quickly "win money back". Because of that they often put blinds right away. From the point of view of an experienced player – this is idiocy, because who wants to pay for a weak hand, if you can wait?

7. Showing cards and not using auto-rebuy

Whenever possible, experienced poker players often use auto-rebuy to normalize their stack size. Fish take at the table exactly as much as they allow themselves to lose. They also often try to "show off" by showing their cards after the end of the hand.
Among other things, even the nationality of the player can play an important role. Poker players from Canada, Brazil, England and Mexico, as well as from Arab countries, are much more willing to part with their money than players from Scandinavian countries.

Some players use special software in the hope of finding fishes. However, the list of allowed software at PokerStars is rapidly declining, and some poker players do not use poker software in principle.

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