How to get Flush Jackpot in the poker rooms of GG Network

Flush Jackpot

Flush is a strong poker combination in Hold'em, but it concedes to a full house. Therefore, after hitting this combination, a poker player cannot be fully confident in his victory over the opponent.

However, the rules of short deck poker are a little different. According to these rules, the flush beats a full house and you can safely show it if your opponent has a full house.

You can get a big reward for a flush or stronger combination at Short Deck tables in the poker rooms of GG Network.

How to get flush jackpot

In order to get a flush jackpot, you should hit a strong combination (flush, four of a kind, straight flush or royal flush) and make the following things:

  1. Deposit minimum 15 antes into the bank before hitting the jackpot combination.
  2. Use two pocket cards for a poker combination.
  3. Use a pocket pair for four of a kind combination.

After fulfilling the abovementioned conditions, get a jackpot even if you fold cards in this hand.

Main conditions of flush jackpot promotion

  • Any of flush jackpot combinations has an equal pay. After hitting these combinations, you will get 10% of jackpot prize pool.
  • For every 30 antes in the bank, 1 ante goes to the jackpot prize pool.
  • Only those players who are 18 or older can take part in the promotion.
  • The winner gets prize immediately after the finishing of hand.
  • If a player’s fraud is confirmed, GG Network reserves the right to disqualify him.
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