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GGPoker HUD description

If you are interested in the question of “Does GGPoker allow HUDs?” then the answer is no, since the room does not welcome the use of third-party programs.

Now there is a large number of various software that poker players can use. Such special programs began to appear almost simultaneously with the development of online poker. 

However, if third-party programs are prohibited on the site, this does not mean that users will not have something to analyze and study.

To view all the information about a player at GGPoker, you can use the Smart HUD built into the poker room or a special data collection application called PokerCraft.

Exclusive GGPoker HUD Software

A special exclusive feature called SmartHUD is available to everyone. This is a built-in software that, when playing directly at the table, can be seen as numbers next to opponents' nicknames (VPIP indicator). If the opponent recently won a large pot, then this indicator will be surrounded by fire. If he lost something big, then instead of flame there will be ice.

GG Poker HUD Smart

The GG Poker HUD program shows the following set of statistics:

  • The "Luck Factor" icon shows how Hero's current win or loss differs from the expected EV;
  • Thanks to the "Heat Index", a poker player can see how successful the current session or game session is;
  • "Win/Loss Record" shows the user the statistics of his game with a specific person;
  • With the help of "Biggest Hands" the player will be able to look at the three biggest pots played against each opponent.
Did you know?
Did you know?

In 2021, the GG network carried out a large-scale update of SmartHUD, and now this software can really compete with popular tracker programs.

For more detailed information on players, you can use the Smart HUD Box, which will open when you click on a special icon.

This window displays the player's latest results, as well as various stats broken down by street. The data here is updated daily. Depending on the discipline in which you play, different indicators will be displayed there.

Special Features of PokerCraft

PokerCraft is an application for collecting statistics in the room, which is built into the client. Absolutely anyone who has an account on the site has access to this application and can track their real-time poker statistics for free.

To see your poker room performance, you must log in to the poker room client, select the PokerCraft tab and click on the icon.

After that you will see a page in the browser, where your personal statistics office in the room will be available.

GGPoker soft PokerCraft

Did you know?
Did you know?

This application has been running since 2018 and since then many players have been using it to get statistics on the GG network.

Each hand you play is added to the PokerCraft database after it is completed.

The Poker Craft menu consists of the following tabs:

  • Chronology of events (Timeline);
  • Player stats and notes;
  • Shareholder profile – information about your tournament statistics and backing history;
  • Tabs for each type of game separately – summary statistics for your game history depending on the format;
  • Completed tournaments.

​How to Find Your Poker Hands

To find and view a played hand in a tournament, follow these steps.

Step 1
Step 1

Open the "Tournament" tab in the main menu of PokerCraft.

Step 2
Step 2

Select the event that interests you and press the button in the lower menu.

Step 3
Step 3

Select the hand you are interested in. The program opens the table image and shows the whole game process.

In this way, you can view and analyze the played hand, as well as save it to share with friends.

Final Thoughts

GGPoker is one of the few sites that boasts special built-in programs for statistics and analysis. As everyone can freely use GGPoker HUD and analyze hands with PokerCraft, this makes the purchase of separate software (such as Pokertracker or Holdem Manager) optional for players. These programs can be quite expensive, and many users will be happy to be able to invest this money in their bankroll. Also, do not forget that the room offers a very profitable first deposit bonus, which makes the game even more attractive for beginners.

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🎯 Are HUDs allowed on GGPoker?

According to the rules of using the site, at GGPoker it is forbidden to use the usual HUDs. Therefore, programs like Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker do not work in this room. However, there is a specially developed software that almost completely replaces these programs for players. This software includes SmartHUD and PokerCraft.

💡 Can I use PokerTracker on GGPoker?

No, this program is an example of third-party software, which is prohibited for use by players on the GG Network. Therefore, turning on the Poker Tracker during a game session in the room will be a violation of the rules for its use. Instead of this usual program, GGPoker offers its clients its own exclusive software that works with statistics and allows you to analyze your game and the game of your opponents.

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