How to install and set up Holdem Manager 3

In order to install Holdem Manager 3 and to customize its operation with your poker room (or rooms), you need to implement six simple steps: 

  1. Download an installation file.
  2. Run the installation program.
  3. Choose the database parameters.
  4. Accept or reject an agreement of anonymous data usage.
  5. Completion of the installation process.   
  6. HM3 setup to automatically relocate files with hand histories from your poker client.

Let's take a closer look at every stage of the step-by-step instructions for installation and initial setup of HM3.

1. Holdem Manager 3 download

Download an installation file of the HM3 program. If you have problems related to the link – then log into your HM account and contact the support service.

Click twice (or use right mouse button> Install) on "msi installer to start the installation from your Downloads folder.  

2. Holdem Manager 3 on a computer: how to install  

After «Setup Wizard» is run, you need to pass the process of installation. Click on «Next» to move to each new installer window. You will be offered to read/ accept the terms of the License Agreement and select a folder to set the program (the file is installed by default to C:\Program Files (x86)\Holdem Manager 3\). Then press «Install» and «Finish».

After the installation is successfully complete, you will see a «Welcome» window. For further work, you will need to enter your Holdem Manager account. To do this, use your Email address and password. If you don’t remember your password, use the «Forgot Password» button to restore it.

If you don’t have a license for a trial usage of HM3Beta, then press on «Register for an HM3 beta license». 

3. HM3 database parameters and HUDs relocation

You will be offered three variants in «Select Database Option» tab (new users are recommended to choose «А» variant since they can choose «В» and «С» options later in «HM3 File menu» tab after HM3 is installed):

Database option HM3

A) Create a new HM3 database: it is the fastest way to install and run HM3. Having clicked on «Next», you will move to «New Database» page, where you can give a name to the database and select a place to store it on your computer. Then you will be moved to «Import Hands» page. There you can select the following options: 

  • Not to relocate the hands
  • Allow HM3 to find recent hand history and import it
  • Pull up 10 000 random hands for an example to test HM 
  • Import all the hand histories from the folder
  • Import one or several files with the hand histories from the folder

The first option is used by default (unless some other option is chosen), and it is the fastest way to run HM3.

Import Hands in HM3

B) Open an existing HM3 database. It can be used if you installed HM3 before, but you need to reinstall it for some reason. Click on «Next» and you will be moved to «Open HM3 Database» page, where you can press “...” button and select the database to open.

HM3 database

C) Copy the existing HM2 database and insert it into the new HM3 database. This process may take some time since you will have to seize your hands from HM2, relocate them to HM3, and then start «Tournament Detection» for tournaments. It will take more time to find some tournaments (such as PLO8).

The “Next” button (after A, B or C items are completed) will send you to “Select HM2 HUDs” menu if you want to relocate any of your HM2 HUDs to HM3 (popups related to the HUDs will also be moved), then click on “Select HUD” menu where you can choose 3 different types of HUD to set the HM3 HUD by default. In the future, you may edit them through the menu HM3> Tools > HUD Options.  

Setup Wizard HM3

One of the pleasant Hold'em Manager innovations is that now the program doesn’t need PostgreSQL, and the HM2 database can be easily relocated to HM3. 

4. Agreement of an anonymous data usage

At the final stage of the installation, there will open an «Anonymous Usage Data» window, where you have the right to reject sending of anonymous telemetry and poker data to HM servers and give them an opportunity to receive anonymous reports on the program operation.

5. Completion of the installation process 

After all the previous stages are passed you will need to press the «Finish» button to complete the installation. Then HM3 will open and depending on the chosen parameters, you will get:

A) HM3 with a new/empty database; 

B) HM3 with the existing HM3 database;

D) HM3 with the database, taken from the specified sources. In this case, the hands and other data will be relocated right after the program is opened. The process may take some time depending on your system characteristics, database size, number/type of the played tournaments, etc. 

Note: if you’ve chosen the “C” option and the relocation takes a lot of time, then you can pause it manually in the lower “status bar” tab and log out of the HM3 server, having clicked on the HM3 icon in the taskbar with the right mouse button to complete the relocation or tournament detection. Then reboot HM3. If you’ve canceled the relocation of hands, then you can renew it later with the help of «File» menu by moving the database again, or you can move your hands from the C: \ HM2Archive folder manually.

Soon the process of «Tournament Detection» will function in the background, and it will not prevent you from playing the game with HUD during the start of the automatic relocation process, as it is now. An automatic resumption of the tournament detection process will also be customized if you’ve closed and then reopened HM3 until the process is complete; you will not have to run it manually. 

6. HM3 setup for automatic relocation of the hand histories 

Set up a poker client in a way that HM3 can automatically transfer files with hand histories.

In order to set up an auto-import of hand histories from the poker room, you need to open the HM3 and go to menu «Tools» > Site Settings. Select your poker client or the network in which it is located (in the menu on the left) and press «Auto Detect» button. If the program does not detect the necessary folder by itself, you will need to manually select and add the folder where the poker client saves hands.

How to set up HM3 operation for different poker rooms, as well as more detailed instructions on setting up certain functions and HUD in the new Hold'em Manager you can find in other articles on 

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