How to make money playing poker without investments

How to make money playing poker

In order to start earning significant money by playing poker, there is no need to deposit funds. But to build your first poker bankroll and to earn by means of poker from scratch, you have to learn new methods to earn money playing poker without investments.

All leading poker sites offer their new players certain bonuses. As a rule, these are first deposit bonuses, but there are also those to get which you do not need to deposit your own funds. Often, the amounts of these bonuses are insignificant: up to 10 euros or dollars, which are credited to your account right after registering in the poker room. With this money, you can easily start to build up your bankroll. But it is most profitable to hunt for bonus offers of several rooms simultaneously. In such a way, your first poker bankroll will grow faster. Afterwards, you can combine your winnings, earned with the help of bonus money, and get your first capital.

That is how a professional Canadian player and youngest EPT winner Mike McDonald has built his bankroll. The guy’s repeatedly stated that at the very beginning of his journey, he increased the bankroll due to the profitable offers from the poker rooms, but not from the immediate results at the tables. Especially for our users, we offer no deposit bonuses:

  • $88 on 888Poker

One of the largest and most reputable poker sites in the world offers its new players a $88 no deposit bonus right after registration. In order to get this money, you need to use an exclusive link for Cardmates’ users and create an account in the room.

With the help of the legendary $50 bonus on the Pokerstrategy site, a lot of poker regulars have earned their bankrolls. They did not invest their own funds in poker. Nowadays, unfortunately, poker school offers have become more modest. But it is still possible to find profitable no deposit offers and registration bonuses on various poker sites.

Freerolls are tournaments that do not require you to pay a buy-in to participate in the game. These tournaments will help newbies to combine poker training with the opportunity to earn their first money in poker. Such tournaments are held in all poker rooms and, as no-deposit bonuses, are intended to interest beginners and let them feel the taste of the game for real money.

As a rule, these tournaments have pretty modest prize pools and a large number of participants. Therefore, to earn a few dollars in freerolls, you have to overcome hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of opponents.

If you’ve already become a winning player, you can still make money playing poker without investing money. In order to be safe from financial losses, the best players resort to the services of backing. Backing is the financial support of a poker player that consists in giving him money to play with the subsequent payment of a percentage from the winnings to his backers. Read more about what backing is, what types and conditions of backing exist, as well as the rules for the correct sale of shares in our material. 

Finally, let’s consider the pros and cons of poker earnings without investments:


  • Education for poker basic without financial risk

If you are a newbie in poker, then the decision to play without making a deposit will protect you from possible financial losses and teach to play absolutely for free.

  • An opportunity to "go through poker" and write your own story of success from freerolls to high limits.

If you make plans regarding your poker career and are going to earn money by means of the game in the future, then the fact you’ve risen from freerolls will undoubtedly motivate new players to start the play.


  • Slow rate of growth by limits 

When you start to play from freerolls, then it does not imply large earnings and growth by limits, respectively. You can play freerolls for months, earning just a few dollars.

  • Restricted possibility to develop game skills

Remember, if you manage to win playing freerolls, it does not mean that you can beat opponents on micro-limits. In today's poker realities, (with a lot of training material in the public domain) even low-limit players understand basic concepts of the game, which you can hardly learn in freerolls.

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