How to move HUD in Holdem manager 3

HUD in Holdem Manager 3

Some poker players have a problem with the location of the HUD while using the Hold'em Manager 3 program. This article will help you to move HUD as you like.

There are two options for changing the location of the HUD – all at once or just separate elements.

Let's start with how to move all HUD at once, with all its elements.

How to move complete HUD

Most often, if HUD is not located next to the desired player, then the problem is in Preferred Seating.

Below in the picture you see an example where all HUD positions are not aligned correctly.

All HUD elements in uncorrect positions

In this situation, the HUD of Hero is at the top centre of the screen, but in reality, Hero is at the bottom right (position 3). To fix this, you must properly configure Preferred Seating.

How to move separate elements of HUD

Relocation of separate HUD element

Also, the player may want to move a separate HUD element.

There are two methods to do it:

  1. Hold CTRL and Left Mouse Button, and drag the HUD components to the new desired location.
  2. At the top of the table find HM3 Table HUD Icon, click it and select Unlock Layout. Then you will be able to relocate HUD elements without CTRL button. You will need only left mouse click.

How to move HUD elements in HM3

When you finish moving the HUD elements, click on the HUD icon on the table and select Save Layout or Lock & Save Layout.

Instruction on moving HUD in HM3

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