How to protect your account in 888 network from hacking

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The swindlers are where the money is. There is a lot of money in poker as well as a lot of those who want to earn this money not through fair labor, but through deception, cunning and sometimes even through stupidity and laziness of the players themselves. One of the poker players has decided to tell the others how to protect themselves from stealing money in the poker room of the 888 network.

First of all, "our instructor" has dispelled the myth on protection against hacking thanks to using licensed antivirus programs, licensed Windows and other similar programs. All this doesn't protect a poker player from the hacking of his account.

The main reasons for hacking are:

  • Week password.
  • Secret question, the answer to which a user could leave somewhere on the Internet or could inform a hacker himself.

In order a hacker not to recognize your password quick and easy, you need to make it up at least with 8 signs with the use of the register. If you didn’t do it, then you should change your password as soon as possible.

According to the "instructor", the most vulnerable spot on the 888 network is the "Secret Question" and "Secret Answer". Having reached this point, a hacker can nice and easily find out the information he needs (if it is on the Internet), using the method of social engineering. The swindlers may also send a friendship request to your social networks, Skype, Viber, etc. For example, under the pretext of simple communication, they can figure out your favorite dog’s moniker or your favorite dish.

Two tips to protect yourself from hacking: 

  1. Make sure that the answer to your "Secret Question" can’t be found on the Internet. It is extremely naive to specify your favourite dish in the "Secret Question", and then write that you love pizza on the social network.
  2. Make up such an answer to the "Secret Question", which will be impossible to get from you in a casual conversation.

These are simple methods and tips to independently secure your account from hacking on the 888 network.

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