HUD Only Mode in Hold'em Manager 3: what it is and how to use it

HUD Only Mode HM3

Now it is possible to close Holdem Manager 3 during the play and the players’ hands will continue to be imported into their database. Moreover, the players will be able to use the full capacity of HUD with HM3 closed. It's all thanks to the new "НUD Only Mode".  

Such innovation helps the old and low-powered computers to boost their performance.

So, you will see the icon "HM3" on the taskbar of your computer if the third version of Holdem Manager is in the new mode. HM3 won’t put your PC in a state of overcapacity and it will allow your HUD to be fully operational.   

Icon "HM3"

Functions of icon "HM3" on the taskbar

In order to see these functions, you should use the right mouse button by clicking on icon "HM3". After that, the following list of function will appear:

  • Switch between Standard HUD and Graphical one.
  • Full stop of automatic import of hands.
  • Option “Exit” can eliminate the above-mentioned icon on your taskbar if you don’t restart Holdem Manager 3.

Remember: if you want to exit or delete the icon of the third version of Holdem Manager, then the import of hands will be interrupted and the displaying of HUD will stop as well.

Icon "HM3"

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