PokerStars HUD and Hand History Import Setup

PokerStars HUD Setup

PokerStars HUD is mainly used by professional players to get information about their opponents at the tables (which is extremely important!). 

It is displayed as a small table with numbers next to a player's alias. Having this software allows you to work on your play more qualitatively and thus improve your poker skills faster.

For many years, most players have been displaying statistics using Holdem Manager 2. It provides insight into opponents' behaviour as well as helps determine your own leaks. Especially positive is setting up HM2 requires minimum effort – just a few simple manipulations and the tracker tool is ready for use.

UPD!!! Stars have released the HM3 version. You can no longer download HM2, its days are numbered. We do not recommend installing the program if you find an installation file on the Internet, cause it could be virus infected.

We also note that Holdem Manager 3 setup is not much different from the previous version. There are some new features, but the basic steps are virtually identical.

Configuring PokerStars HUD & Hand Import

Setting up Hold'em Manager involves many actions, but most often users experience difficulties with the following three stages:

  • connecting Poker Stars to the HM2 system;
  • importing hand histories into the tracker tool;
  • HUD setup.

Don’t worry, there is nothing complicated here, as the program interface is clear and easy to use. You will see it for yourself after reviewing the step-by-step instructions below. So, first of all, you need to undergo the PokerStars download process and install the brand’s client on your computer (the basic requirement is an English version). Have you already done it? Then proceed to perform the following set of actions:

Step 1
Step 1

On the local drive C, create folders where your hand history will be stored: "MTT" (for multi-table tournaments) and "Cash" (for cash games).

Step 2
Step 2

Run Holdem Manager 2 and go to the "Site Setup" section.

PokerStars HUD from HM3

Step 3
Step 3

The complete list of supported poker rooms will open in a new window. You should select PokerStars, of course.

PokerStars HUD from Holdem Manager

Step 4
Step 4

Click on the "+" button and add previously created folders.

PokerStars HUD

Step 5
Step 5

The same window displays a default path for hand archive backup. You should first click it, and then the little pencil icon.

PokerStars HUD settings

Check the box "Include sub-folders" and confirm the settings by pressing "OK".

PokerStars HUD setup

All that's left is to double-click "Auto Detect" and close the window (click "Close").

PokerStars HUD

How do I enable HUD on PokerStars?

As mentioned earlier, HUD is a set of statistical indicators displayed on top of the poker table graphics (next to the player's seat). For instance, it shows how often your opponent raises preflop or how often they fold to the subsequent c-bet on the flop. To have such statistics before your eyes means to have an advantage. After all, you will always know whether your rival is an aggressor or a nit (who uses an extremely tight strategy), so you can adjust to their behaviour.

Step 1
Step 1

Open Holdem Manager 2 and click “HUD Settings”.

PokerStars HUD settings

Step 2
Step 2

Further, a new window will open. Click on the "Site Options" tab in the left-hand menu. Here you need to choose from the options presented:

  • poker site ➩ Poker Stars;
  • way of displaying HUD elements at the table ➩ at your discretion;
  • discipline ➩ Hold'em or Omaha.

PokerStars HUD HM2

Step 3
Step 3

Finally, click  "OK " and restart your computer. Now Holdem Manager should work correctly in the room.

How to Save Hand History on Your Computer

To save PokerStars hands on your desktop or laptop, you will need to complete only two steps once logged in:

Step 1
Step 1

Go to the "Settings" menu, click on "Table Appearance" ➩ and "Preferred seat". Select "Don't Auto-Center me" and then manually tick each table.

PokerStars HUD and Hand History Setup

Step 2
Step 2

Specify the folders you want to import your hand history into: "Playing History" ➩ "Hand History" ➩ "Change Folder" ➩ and "Cash" folder.

PokerStars HUD for HM2

Be sure to check the box next to "Save My Hand History" and set the maximum possible number of days (which is 9,999) in the "Keep Hand Histories" column.

Stars players, take note!
Stars players, take note!

To save your hand histories from tournaments played, follow the above instructions but pick "Tournament Summaries" instead of "Hand History" and choose the "MTT" folder (not "Cash").

How to Get PokerStars Free HUD Version

Well, Holdem Manager is paid, and its price depends on the limits you play. Here are the available options:

  • Small stakes (Hold'em): $60
  • Small stakes (all disciplines): $100
  • All stakes (Hold'em): $100
  • All stakes (all disciplines): $160

We note that HM3 does not require monthly or annual payments and quickly pays off the money invested. The Small Stakes version is designed for micro-stakes users who play cash games up to NL50 or tournaments with buy-ins up to $22. It is cheaper, but it will not work at higher stakes.

Free poker HUD for PokerStars

Great news: all players have the opportunity to download a trial version free of charge. To do this, go to the official website and click on “Download Free Trial”.

Possible Issues and Troubleshooting

As a rule, HUD turns on automatically when you launch Holdem Manager and PokerStars. But on poker forums, you may sometimes find comments stating that HUD is not showing up or whatever. Here are two main user complaints and ways to solve these problems:

IssueHow to Fix It
HM2 not openingLaunch the program as an Administrator. To do this, right-click on the HM2 shortcut and select the appropriate option. If that fails, delete and reinstall Holdem Manager.
HUD not showing up on PSMake sure you’ve run the right poker room. Update HUD to the latest version. This need is easy to check: if the red button “Updates” is on, then updates have been released and you should run them.

Final Thoughts

Holdem Manager, like most similar software, is a paid program, but the investment pays off with interest, as one’s winrate usually increases within months or even weeks. Even micro-stakes players are scraping money to get at least a base-level version of this tracker tool. And regs normally purchase the advanced one.

Since the developers no longer support HM2, you should switch to the latest version, namely HM3. Or, try something from analogues, for example, PT4. Setting up Poker Tracker 4 for PokerStars is generally similar to the program discussed in the article.

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✅ Does PokerStars allow HUD?

Yes, Stars currently allow using heads up display products in some form. That’s no surprise as the poker room is literally packed with regs, and these users are known for their addiction to auxiliary software. On the official PokerStars website, you will find an exact list of prohibited and acceptable HUD software. For example, you can freely use Holdem Manager and PokerTracker.

🔥 What is the best HUD for PokerStars?

Well, the #1 HUD version poker pros usually recommend is Holdem Manager. The program also comes with the ability to import a hand database, which has become indispensable when learning to play poker with a coach. This allows you to analyse students’ hands remotely, find leaks in their play and work on them.

Albeit HUD from PokerTracker 4 loses to HM in competition, it still has a large group of devoted fans. Hand2Note, a relatively new player to the poker software market, closes the top 3. Subscription period: from one month to one year. There is also a free trial with limited functionality.

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