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I already need 2 win!

Now, most likely, I am interested in whether I will raise my winrate or not, yes, I certainly try 2 play well, adhere 2 a tight-aggressive style of play, I forgot all my terrible cold-calls, but this downstreak do not leaves. He doesn't even want 2 raise my winrate) heh) I'm probably going crazy or it's just a dispersion, I'll write about it in the next post, I'll analyze my game, at least I'll try 2 do it) In the meantime, I'll write about yesterday's game, it was a little interesting)

I played a bit of MTT's, it turned out 3-4 tables, and on average something like 800+ hands per session, I spend 6 hours playing) Yesterday I started playing not very well, in the knockout for $2.20 I got into the money, but I didn't make a knockout, probably... Stop, on the contrary, sorry) I made one good knockout, and didn't hit the money, I left the game at the "bubble" stage) hah) Yes, apparently, I began 2 get tired even with such a not very difficult game, I need 2 start meditating 😜 lol

Of all the MTT's, I deep run in one, it was 6max for $1.10, with prize money of more than 1.5K dollars) At the beginning of this MTT, I didn't show much activity, and maybe over time, I lost interest in it, but as it happens, me started dealt a good hands and I started winning all-ins) Look at this! 👀But it was fun while it lasted. After that, I did not see anything good, but only saw how my stack decreases with the growth of the blinds, especially since table it was 6max, everything happens much faster at this table) I probably should had open-raised a little loose than if I was playing in the full ring, but as usual I couldn't adjust and lost this MTT, in the most inappropriate (ouch, this crazy word) stage, and it looked sad...😐

I, as usual, did not have enough, just a little... I don't even know what, strength, stack, or this loose game 😐 Sometimes it seems 2 me that this is some kind of "dispersion lever", it is at one time in one position, but then it switches 2 another) and a series of failures begins. Look at this shedule of the session, I attached it 2 the results, it shows how the lines fell sharply down, what can this mean, ask me? 😏 Here's what, look at:

In this situation, it is difficult 2 click "Fold", and it eventually pulls the game down. It's too hard, from a moral point of view. But I have 2 put up with it. I should have finished playing a little earlier) Okay) What happened - this not corrected, at such a sad final, I left the MTT's. Today is saturday and I will try again, but this time I will be more careful) GL guys! 😎

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