I keep playing at 20 limit

     How are you people

hamster in touch

As I wrote, I play for 20 euros. I had a break, yesterday I already decided to restore my form. I play 2 tables. Difficult to gain distance, but I try to show A-game. It can be boring, but I am now at the stage of learning the old theory, so I am not in a hurry with the distance. yesterday the random number generator (RNG) was on my side, I managed to make a couple of bucks

result: + 342$

caught a not big up in chips

I'm happy with the game, it's still going well. Working on

pushing my opponent, showing weakness - you will be punished))

such a pusher got caught, puts all-in from the small blind on a raise from BTN.  terrible game

Good luck everyone,  hamster with you!:)

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Vetal Expert

result: + 342$

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