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In Bad Beat City!!

This will be a very short post only due to busi-ness.

The way that the players play on Pokerstars is generally either tight knit or loose aggressive or we have some strong players.  I've not had my mojo so it's not been a successful past few days, so time to stop playing for a while.


MY A ♣️ 10 ♣️ was beaten by K ♣️ Q ♣️ on a flop of 7 ♠️ 8 ♣️ 9 ♣️ - neither of us played incorrectly as we both went all in


My QQs cracked by K9 diamonds and I never saw it coming! Tired play and time to rest.

From Small Stakes Hold'em how to crush the micro stakes games, a quick quiz question.  (Sklansky & Malmuth)

You are in a loose and very aggressive game.  You have A ♠️ J ♠️in the big blind.  Four players, including the small blind, limp.  You raise.  Two limpets call, and then the button reraise said.  The small blind calls, and you cap.  Everyone calls (20 small bets).  The flop is K ♥️ Q ♣️ 7 ♠️, giving you a gutshot, an overcard, and a backdoor flush draw.  The small blind checks, and you bet.  The first limper raises, the second limper reraise and the third limper caps.  The small blind folds (30 small bets).  What should you do?

Answer: Call. You are getting 30-3 or 10-1 immediate pot odds with no chance to be reraise.  Three more bets (the two impending calls) are almost certain to go in as well, lifting your odds to 33-3 or 11-1.  You have a gutshot to the nuts, as well as an overcard (admittedly it is probably not good, given the action) and a backdoor nut flush draw.  Folding, even though your draw isn't weak, would be a blunder.  The pot is too big.

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