In each book hide gold nuggets

I saw an advert by entrepreneur Tai Lopez recently, a man who has done some Ted Talks and created one of the most popular YouTube video ever ‘here in my garage’, in which he shows you a pile of 52 books and says; “This is how many books a CEO reads every year”.  

For me, we find gold nuggets of information in decent books we read, but it is important to choose books with topics that will develop your mind, and not just novels read for entertainment.  This blog post is mainly centered around the following example, whereby I just won $1 thanks to specific advice provided in David Sklansky’s Small Stakes No limit hold’em.  I quote from this book time and time again, but with reason; it’s absolutely fantastic!  So I was just in a pot at 0.05c/0.10c micro stakes maximum buy in $5 and won it thanks to this advice.  Want to know what it is?

First though, I’d like to explain why I have gone to 0.15c/0.25c ($25 max buy in) to this much lower level.  I’ve already said before that I’m not afraid to drop down levels and I don’t feel it is ‘below’ me.  Players at this level can be just as good.  Also, according to my strategy, if I lose some buy ins, I MUST stay disciplined and drop down a level.  Well I’ve had a bad month!  So that is exactly what I’ve needed to do.  Finally, my bankroll actually went down to a very low amount in the end, but thanks to one football bet I’m back in action again, and once again I’ve learnt another lesson.  Experience is invaluable.  For this small £2 bet, it was seven matches and after 6 came in on Tuesday, I actually needed four goals in the PSG game which was abandoned due to a racist comment made by one of the officials, and resulted in both teams walking off the pitch.  

The pressure was definitely on to win!!

A key game for me winning this bet was actually dynamo Kiev beating the Hungarian side at home 1-0 and I’d actually like to thank vetal for his recommendation on this one.  THANKS!!  The PSG I was waiting on restarted the next night (last night).  Anyway, up stepped Neymar last night with a hat trick :)  He was fantastic.

If there’s one guy I’d like to be it would be this man; confident, good looking, stylish, skillful, mean and full of football talent.  Don’t mess!  PSG beat Istanbul 5-1.

So...back to my $1 win...

Aaah I took a break from a short poker session to write about this.  Well, anyway, there were six players involved in the small pot and I decided to call a pre flop raise of 15c with AQ unsuited from early position.  As you will see in the photo, the cards came down.  Everyone checked to the river, which was surprising and a late position player bet 10c.  Now as he was raising from late position, a tiny raise, some players might throw away their A high hand on this flop with so many players, but due to my readings I decided to call just in case.  Many might think I was wasting my money but as there had been no bets previously there was a chance he was just bluffing.  He was - he held 23 off-suit and I won the hand by my call!  I won around $1 and with that dollar I could buy a book about poker to make me more money :) put it another way, if anything, my readings helped me win at least $1 which is $1 more than I had before.  The more you learn, the more you earn!!

Don’t try this at home

Last month, after a lot of success I picked some moments where I was certain the football matches would come through and risked £100 each time.  In the end I made £900 in month.  Image this.  If I had put £100 on the above football bet, as you can see, I’d now be a rich man!! Typical.  For future bets, I’ll be looking at Neymar, Mbpappe and Mo Salah to be scoring goals.

warning: these huge £100 bets were done with a great deal of consideration, knowledge and only when I was 100% certain of the outcome.

Right idea/wrong execution

We can have the right idea about what to do, such as taking a rare big risk to get ahead when gambling if you can afford it, but sometimes if you are not careful and without research done it can cost you a lot of money if you get it wrong.  Be wary at all times.

Thanks for reading! Make money :) Maroonfish.

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Vetal user
User's aura Vetal 1989

The more you learn, the more you earn!!

to thank vetal for his recommendation on this one.

7 of 7.  It's hard for me to imagine this. I can't do that. You are wonderful.

I’ll be looking at Neymar, Mbpappe and Mo Salah to be scoring goals.

Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic and Lewandowski

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