Infinity winning and infinity loosing

Hi there? Hor u? Frosty weather makes as grinding))) 

I'm back to 888 blast 0.1🤪🤪🤪

This time I've tried to play 2 tables at time. I've found out you can play 4.

So, what can i say. Its toooo hard. The structure of such a game is very turbo. Sometimes it's hard to understand whats going on on one table. But, as i get two.... It was awful. Cannot imaging myself playing four😵😵😵. But, there someone, who can, sure. Probably when you are playing on a laptop it's better. 

Who knows what was the reason.. Dispersion or multytabling😃😃😃😃. Can I call 2-tables playing multy? I've lost every tournament yesterday 😳😳😳. 

These are the best. 

Finally, I had a chance to resurrect from 25 chips.. 


But... Not today (meaning yesterday) 

Try my best next time$$


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Hi there! wanna start playing poker again after long-lasting break. thinking about freerols and etc. on 888! GL to everyone!
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